7 Gorgeous Necklaces by Susie Ghahremani ...

I’ve been on something of a buying binge lately, with a minor obsession for pretty necklaces by indie designers. It’s a harmless obsession, one that’s landed me many a compliment and made my friends happy with several necklace swaps and hand-me-downs. I especially adore the ones I’ve found by artist Susie Ghahremani, either by herself or partnered with another of my faves, Chocolate & Steel. They’re all darling, featuring a menagerie of critters that are too cute to pass up! Here are 7 gorgeous necklaces by Susie Ghahremani.

1. Susie Ghahremani Silver Birdhouse Necklace

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Price: $47.50 at boygirlparty.com
We all know it’s true: home is where the heart is, whether that home is a flat, a studio, or a birdhouse. This little birdhouse is stamped, along with a heart, on a long pendant of reclaimed silver by Chocolate & steel, based on a drawing by Ghahremani. It measures just over an inch long, and a half-inch wide, and hangs from an 18” silver chain. How sweet! And what a lovely house-warming gift this would be…

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