8 Eye-Catching Big Rings ...

Big rings are, have been and probably will continue to be a big must-have so I simply must use this post to point that out and suggest some fabulous ones I’ve seen in various online shops. These simple and yet very interesting pieces make the whole accessorizing routine much easier and faster to do. If you have a huge ring, you don’t have to bother with any other jewelry – just put it on your finger and you’re ready to roll! Well, since I strongly believe not even an economy crisis can stop us from looking like a million bucks, today’s list of fabulous finds will be about 9 eye-catching big rings that put the S into both Style and Saving!

1. Pearl Center Flower Ring by Forever21

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Price: $3.80 at forever21.com
Sweet, big and yet, very neutral – This ring is the perfect way to complete an ultra trendy nude look. So start layering those see thru fabrics and don’t forget to put this baby on your finger before you go out! Final sale at Forever 21 will enable you to get this fabulous find for an absolutely fabulous price! I mean, come on, $3.80? Isn’t that roughly equivalent to what you’d pay for two packs of gums?

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