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8 Animal Inspired Rings ...

By Sophia

Animal Rings are great for spicing up your jewellery collection. Worn alone, or paired with your everyday jewellery, they create an offbeat and eclectic vibe. Animal rings can be daring or fun, with designs varying greatly. You can spend as little or as much as you want, with animal-inspired rings being a staple of both designer and chain-store brands. Add a touch of animalistic allure to your outfit with these animal rings.

Table of contents:

  1. Pamela love bear ring
  2. Kenneth jay lane silver-plated snake ring
  3. Topshop metal bird skull ring
  4. Topshop beetle ring
  5. Asos eagle ring
  6. Aurelie bidermann mamba gold plated ring
  7. Modcloth octopus ring
  8. Roberto cavalli gold-plated tiger’s eye snake ring

1 Pamela Love Bear Ring

Price: $125.00 at
This bear ring is a beauty. It is made from 14-karat gold-vermeil and features a kissing bear design. It is artfully crafted and is an unassuming piece. This whimsical ring is perfect for adding to your everyday jewellery collection.

2 Kenneth Jay Lane Silver-Plated Snake Ring

Price: $57.00 at
For an understated take on the animal rings trend, you can’t go past this silver-plated ring. It has a sleek design with a slithering snake that sits atop your finger. It has an adjustable brace and features a designer-stamped interior. This ring would look great teamed with brightly coloured cocktail jewellery.

3 Topshop Metal Bird Skull Ring

Price: $20.00 at
For a macabre take on the animal rings trend, look no further than this bird skull ring. It is made from gold-look metal and has a strong design. It’s quite edgy and ideal for those looking for something a little different. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

4 Topshop Beetle Ring

Price: $20.00 at
This beetle ring is quite quirky. It features blue and green a mixed-colour beetle with rhinestone detailing. This ring features gold-look hardware and comes in three colours. As this ring is quite striking, it would probably look best worn alone.

5 ASOS Eagle Ring

Price: $11.00 at
This textured ring features an artful eagle design. The wings wrap around the finger to create the band. It features a burnished silver-tone finish and is available in medium and large sizes. Wear it alone or with an assortment of eclectic jewellery.

6 Aurelie Bidermann Mamba Gold Plated Ring

Price: $205.00 at
This wrap-effect snake ring is a stunner. It is made from 18-karat gold-plated brass with a double-headed snake design. The overall effect is one that is quite exotic. Wear this engraved ring with your favourite ‘going out’ outfit for a truly special look.

7 Modcloth Octopus Ring

Price: $7.99 at
This octopus ring would make a fun addition to any outfit. It has an antique finish and is available in gold or silver colours. This ring also has an adjustable band. Wear it alone to really let the animal do the talking. If you want, you could also wear it with turquoise nail polish for an aquatic-inspired finish.

8 Roberto Cavalli Gold-Plated Tiger’s Eye Snake Ring

Price: $290.00 at
Animal rings can also feature abstract designs. These are great if you are after more subtle animal-inspired touches. This Roberto Cavalli ring features a Tiger’s Eye stone in a snake setting. This ring would look great worn with a jewel-toned cocktail dress.

As you can see, some of the most popular motifs for these animal inspired rings are based around snake and bird designs. From subtle designs to the more obvious, animal rings are a great way of adding interest to an outfit. What do you think of these animal rings?

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