7 Colorful Betsey Johnson Earrings ...

A new pair of cute earrings can always make a girl happy. She’ll put them on and go out feeling great, they’ll inspire her to try a different hairstyle or explore new, great ways to combine clothes she already owns. Yup, the magical effect accessories have on us females is truly unique, maybe even more magical than the jewelry we chose. But speaking about magic, color and uniqueness – let me show you some of my favorite, most colorful Betsey Johnson earrings. Why Betsey? Well simply because her bling is totally my style! And I bet there are more girls with similar taste in jewelry out there but, in order to confirm that, you’ll need to check these 7 colorful Betsey Johnson earrings out and tell me what you think:

1. Viva La Betsey Heart Earrings

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Price: $45.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Oh, I love these!! I mean, look how colorful and interesting they are – I guess a girl just can’t say no to these babies. This is exactly what I need right now- a pair of eye-catching earrings I would want to wear… often!

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