8 Stylish Friendship Bracelets ...

Stylish Friendship Bracelets are a great gift idea for you and your BFF. They say a lot about your style, too, and make a great accessory to any outfit. While friendship bracelets may seem like a remnant of your childhood, they are making a comeback. A braided, beaded, or woven friendship bracelet is the latest must-have accessory. They add a casual, slightly bohemian vibe to an outfit. See, when you buy or make stylish friendship bracelets, it's not the whole braided yarn bit you might remember from your younger years. You can DIY your own version, or invest in one of these stylish friendship bracelets below.

1. Made for Orelia Mkanda Friendship Bracelet

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Price: $50.00 at us.topshop.com
This basic but stylish friendship bracelet is made from recycled brass and cotton cord. It features three brass discs attached to a white cotton cord, and a brass hook fastening. The brass discs are smooth on one side and have a pebbled finish on the other. Stack this bracelet on with other gold-tone bracelets.

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