7 Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts to Give at Your Bridal Shower ...

Giving bridesmaid jewelry gifts at your bridal shower is a great way to show the ladies who support you that you appreciate their efforts. To me, putting in as much thought to this process as you can is essential. You only have one chance to get this right after all! Bridesmaid jewelry gifts should be commemorative, so give these ones a try.

1. Bridesmaid Initials Necklace

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This may seem like one of those obvious bridesmaid jewelry gifts, but there is an opportunity to get inventive here. Why not pick a symbol that you know your bridesmaids will relate to the day? For example, if you have a theme incorporating butterflies, use that! I also love the idea of an Anne Boleyn-style necklace, using the first initial of the bridesmaid’s last name instead.

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