7 Cute Jewelry Pieces by Metal Smitten ...

Years ago, I had to prove to my daughter just how old I was by asking her to explain what, exactly, “less than three” meant. She rolled her eyes and told me to tilt my head to the right… it’s a heart! Now I love the symbol, and use it all the time… so I was tickled the first time I saw the “less than three” jewelry by Metal Smitten, one of my favorite indie jewelry-makers. If you’re with me, and infatuated with this texty symbol of love, keep reading! Here are 7 cute jewelry pieces by Metal Smitten, most with that darling, sweet sentiment.

1. <3 Heart Charm Bracelet

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Price: $40.00 at shanalogic.com
The same sweet message that you’ve seen on all of the other pieces, now suspended from a gorgeous sterling silver charm bracelet! What a wonderful gift, don’t you think? It’s 7 inches long, with a sturdy lobster-claw clasp.

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