8 Geometric Jewels for Fall ...


8 Geometric Jewels for Fall ...
8 Geometric Jewels for Fall ...

Accessories start to take shape this season so adorn yourself with architectural shapes, structured lines and art deco inspiration with geometric jewels for fall. Dimensional designs include arcs and angles in pendants and jewelry structure to create both chunky and sleek geometric jewels for fall. Get in shape this season with these 8 geometric jewels for fall.

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Annie Costello Quiddiem Necklace

Annie Costello Quiddiem Necklace Price: $340 at lespommettes.com
Begin planning your geometry lesson in jewels this season with a modern tribal edge in this pointed triangle necklace. The chain detailing and black and bronze elements give off a strong warrior-esque vibe that will have you looking and feeling as fierce as ever.


Swarovski Segment Ring

Swarovski Segment Ring Price: $190 at swarovski.com
Clean cuts and structured lines define this Swarovski ring. The faceted crystal rings true to art deco era inspiration and shimmers in a silver shade. Bold and edgy, this ring is perfect for cocktail settings where bigger is definitely better.


Topshop Triangle Geo Drop Earrings

Topshop Triangle Geo Drop Earrings Price: $12.50 at topshop.com
Simple and sophisticated, these minimalistic earrings from Topshop are pointing in all the right directions when it comes to high style direction. Rich red jewel tone stones add a touch regal opulence and bold hint of colour. Chain link finishing offers a medieval quality that is fit for a queen.


Forever21 Opaque Faux Stone Bracelet in Ivory and Gold

Forever21 Opaque Faux Stone Bracelet in Ivory and Gold Price: $10.80 at forever21.com
Stacked geometric shapes in various sizes and designs add visual interest and symmetry to any outfit this fall. Pale opaque ivory stones set to gold high polish trimmings make this large stretch cuff refined and edgy. Perfectly suitable for either daytime or evening occasion this brilliant shine bracelet adds simple structure to all looks.


Claudia Lobao Geometric Drop Earrings

Claudia Lobao Geometric Drop Earrings Price: $220 at maxandchloe.com
Drop earrings are great movement pieces that create eye-catching style. Timeless and elegant, the simple, minimal design with square and round shapes will be your go-to item in your jewelry collection for seasons to come. The faceted black onyx stones and polished gold combination create a luxe look without the extravagance.


David Aubrey Indigo Bib Necklace

David Aubrey Indigo Bib Necklace Price: $88 at endless.com
A bib necklace sitting right at the collarbone draws attention to the neck and face, brightening up your favorite facial features. Featured in perfect fall jewel tones, this David Aubrey necklace combines a unique pattern with assorted sized resin stones for a bold geometric statement.


Juicy Couture Pyramid Cuff Bracelet

Juicy Couture Pyramid Cuff Bracelet Price: $98 at juicycouture.com
A large dramatic cuff is a must-have jewelry piece for fall. The Egyptian inspired pyramid spikes on this cuff bracelet have a tough edgy appeal with refined elegance in its black and gold color combination. The matte black of the bracelet allows the polished gold to shine with high-octane style.


Kate Spade Clean Break Statement Necklace

Kate Spade Clean Break Statement Necklace Price: $228 at katespade.com
Chunky and large is the way to go this season when selecting your go-to jewelry pieces for fall. A bold, supersized statement demands attention and adds a shot of glamour to any look. Pair this necklace over a vivid colour blouse or top for an intense pop of colour that is sure to brighten your fall day.

Sizing up the perfect shapes and stones for fall is easy. Opt for geometric structures with clean lines and minimalistic designs to add true depth and dimension to your fall jewelry collection. Big and bold pieces make geometric shapes in-your-face cool. How will you rock this geometric jewel trend?

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I saw a really really cute triangle bracelet at forever 21, a white bracelet and it was so pretty but 10.80 which is pretty costly for me *sad*

The last one's pretty!

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