7 Great Necklaces from Mod Cloth to Add to Your Jewelry Box ...

I am always looking for great necklaces, and the necklaces from ModCloth never disappoint. They are all stylish, and there is something for everyone. I always find several necklaces that would be fabulous for completing an outfit, which is why I always look at the necklaces from ModCloth when I am looking for new jewelry.

1. Glitz Mob Necklace

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This bright turquoise necklace is one of the necklaces from ModCloth that I just love. It is the perfect necklace for adding a pop of color to an outfit. Wearing this necklace with a simple white shirt and jeans would take your outfit to a whole new level, which is why the necklace is a great addition to any jewelry box. Can you picture it with a monochrome outfit, too? It may even be making an appearance in my necklace collection soon!

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