9 Haute Hair Jewelry Pieces ...


9 Haute Hair Jewelry Pieces ...
9 Haute Hair Jewelry Pieces ...

Sport some catwalk couture in the form of haute hair jewelry pieces. Everything from hair combs to jeweled headpieces and hair bands made their way into the best designer collections of the season. Don’t stop at your ears when it comes to accessories, continue upwards and add some sparkle to your lovely locks for fall with these 9 haute hair jewelry pieces.

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River Island Embellished Dangle Hair Clip

River Island Embellished Dangle Hair Clip Price: $18 at riverisland.com

An embellished hair clip with hanging chains and stones is a super stylish and trendy way to wear haute hair jewelry. The mix of jewels, stones, pearls and beads give this hair clip from River Island an opulent feel with a bright pop of colour. Dress this hair clip up or down for huge style impact.


Vintage Gold Leaf Barrette

Vintage Gold Leaf Barrette Price: $10 at modcloth.com

This nature-inspired metallic hair clip from Sprout Studio is a cool way to hide your hair elastic and dress up your ponytail all in one go. If your style is more classic and sleek rather than bold and bejeweled, this hair clip is the ideal addition to your collection of hair accessories.


Valentino Satin Hair Clip

Valentino Satin Hair Clip Price: $275 at net-a-porter.com

Adorned with Swarovski crystals and faux pearls on satin fabric, this Valentino hair clip has just the right amount of sparkle and shine. Picture perfect for opulent occasions or everyday wear, a hair clip is a small simple way to add jewelry to your hair. The black satin fabric lets these jewels speak for themselves with high shine.


ASOS Hair Spikes with Hanging Chains

ASOS Hair Spikes with Hanging Chains Price: $20.50 at us.asos.com

For a cool cutting edge way to wear haute hair jewelry, use this spike hair comb with dangling chains. As seen on some of your favourite celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the hanging chain is a leading design for hair jewelry and is simple yet contemporary.


Amrita Singh Pachac Headband

Price: $100 at amritasingh.com

A simple headband is given new hair revival this fall when decorated with large jewels and stones. As seen on the runways of Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabbana, headbands are showing up everywhere this season. If you’re opting to wear an ornate headband this fall, keep your hair simple and neat to let this haute hair jewelry make eye-catching impact.


Shourouk Gayarti Headband

Shourouk Gayarti Headband Price: €450,000 at shourouk.fr

This bejeweled headband has an intricate design that perfectly fits in with the season’s tribal and global traveler trend. An added bonus with this exquisite headband is that it is wearable as a belt as well, giving it multipurpose function that can have you reinventing your look as much as you’d like.


ASOS Jewelled Flower Headpiece

ASOS Jewelled Flower Headpiece Price: $20.50 at us.asos.com

An embellished floral crown design on this jeweled headpiece is fit for a princess. When donning these delicate jewels, keeping the rest of your accessories minimal or non-existent makes this ASOS headpiece sparkle even more so. A regal crown like this is sure to turn heads and make the world your kingdom!


Miso Faceted Flower Headband

Miso Faceted Flower Headband Price: £7.00 at republic.co.uk

For simple sophistication, this headband is ideal with it’s elegant pairing of a faceted jeweled flower and silvery metallic material. For a style that’s classic and timeless this haute hair jewelry piece will never go out of style and will have you dressing up every look whether for daytime wear or nighttime.


Erickson Beamon China Club Headpiece

Erickson Beamon China Club Headpiece Price: $423 at shopbop.com

An understated band with a floral bloom focus creates ultimate eye-catching impact. For a simpler design with just as many jewels, hair can be worn more freely to create a bigger attention-grabbing look. The clear Swarovski stones on this Erickson Beamon headpiece let light catch and radiate for superior sparkle with sweet style.

Haute hair jewelry pieces are a serious way to add brilliant bijous to your tresses for chic elegance only opulent jewels can provide. Which of these haute hair jewelry pieces are your season must-haves?

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