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Heart Shaped Jewelry Perfect for Valentines Day ...

By Eliza

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get that loving feeling and wearing heart shaped jewelry is the perfect way to do so. Wearing your heart around your neck or in your ears lets you celebrate the holiday of love while also looking gorgeous. Add one of the pieces to your stash and you'll be all set for Valentine's Day this year, and every year.

Table of contents:

  1. Black and white heart infinity ring
  2. Simple bracelet with a heart charm
  3. Purple hearts
  4. Linked heart bracelet
  5. Triple heart pendant
  6. Heart double ring
  7. Linked hearts
  8. A golden splurge
  9. Rose gold and mother of pearl
  10. Red heart earrings
  11. Lovely gold and red ring
  12. Hearts and arrows earrings
  13. All the hearts
  14. Puffy red heart
  15. Key to my heart
  16. Tiny heart studs
  17. Simple silver heart
  18. Lovely pink heart
  19. Angel wings
  20. Engraved hearts
  21. Aquamarine and silver earrings

1 Black and White Heart Infinity Ring
This cool ring will match everything in your closet.

2 Simple Bracelet with a Heart Charm
You'll love how this looks twinkling on your wrist.

3 Purple Hearts
This stretchy bracelet is the perfect match to your little black dress.

4 Linked Heart Bracelet
This neutral silver bracelet with definitely be your new favorite piece of jewelry.

5 Triple Heart Pendant
Imagine how great this would look against a bright pink or red shirt on Valentine's Day.

6 Heart Double Ring
Wouldn't this look fabulous on your finger?

7 Linked Hearts
Don't you love this necklace?

8 A Golden Splurge
This one doesn't come cheap, but it sure does look wonderful, don't you think?

9 Rose Gold and Mother of Pearl
This one is a little bit different and you're sure to get tons of compliments on it.

10 Red Heart Earrings
These are the perfect red color for Valentine's Day!

11 Lovely Gold and Red Ring
What outfit would you wear this ring with?

12 Hearts and Arrows Earrings
Aren't these super adorable?

13 All the Hearts
This bracelet has all the hearts you can handle all in one place.

14 Puffy Red Heart
This one might be my absolute favorite!

15 Key to My Heart
The tiny hearts inside the bigger one are super cute, aren't they?

16 Tiny Heart Studs
If you want something sparkly, but subtle, these are the earrings for you.

17 Simple Silver Heart
Pretty, isn't it?

18 Lovely Pink Heart
Wear your heart on your sleeve with this gorgeous bracelet.

19 Angel Wings
This heart made out of angel wings is so cool! What would you wear it with?

20 Engraved Hearts
Those itty bitty hearts are so cute. I guarantee this will be your new favorite bracelet!

21 Aquamarine and Silver Earrings
It doesn't have to be Valentine's Day to wear these beautiful earrings.

Which of these do you want the most?

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