7 of Our Favorite Accessories That Benefit Causes We Love ...

If you’re looking for some new accessories for fall, why not pick up some accessories that benefit good causes? There are tons of stylish, chic and fun accessories that were made to benefit some awesome charitable organizations so it’s a win-win situation! Whether you buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, these accessories that benefit good causes give you a great opportunity to give back.

1. Raven + Lily Alem: Curry + Silver Triangle Tassel Necklace

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Let’s start off this list of accessories that benefit good causes with a lovely necklace from Raven + Lily. This necklace is super chic and looks fab layered with other necklaces. It’s handmade and made from recycled metals and colored curry thread. This accessory benefits women in Ethiopia living with HIV and helps provide training and jobs.
Price: $14 at ravenandlily.com

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