7 Neon Jewelry Pieces to Brighten Every Day ...


7 Neon Jewelry Pieces to Brighten Every Day ...
7 Neon Jewelry Pieces to Brighten Every Day ...

I grew up in the '80s, so I’m familiar with neon jewelry. Too bad I gave it all away when the '90s came along because neon is back in a big way. If you don’t want to rock hot pink jeans or you are afraid of those neon green running shoes, some neon jewelry is a fun way to get in on the trend without going overboard. Check out these great pieces, but feel free to let me know which ones you’ve found.

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Mystical Dagger Drop Earrings

Mystical Dagger Drop Earrings These awesome earrings combine a bit of sparkle with a whole lot of neon. You get gold, black, neon green and neon pink! Plus, the fun design is unlike anything else you can find. You’ll be able to wear this great pair of earrings with just about any outfit you have in your closet, making them one of the best neon jewelry pieces out there. You can buy them from Heirloomfinds.com for only $13.


Neon Pink Lights Necklace

Neon Pink Lights Necklace If you love neon pink, this is the necklace for you. Not only is a great modern piece, but it features some deliciously pink stones. Wear this statement necklace against a black top for a really stunning look that will turn plenty of heads. You can also pair it with white, yellow or blue for a contrast that can’t be beat. Renttherunway.com is a great place to buy this necklace for $34.


Neon Necklace

Neon Necklace I love this piece! It combines a great geometric pattern with the classic neon you love. With yellow, pink, blue, orange and green on one necklace, you can really add some pizzazz to your outfits with this necklace. The unique twisted shapes of the beads are another reason why this piece stands out and will quickly become your favorite. Paperbuzzle.com is the best place to make this necklace yours.


Handmade Geometric Leather Necklace

Handmade Geometric Leather Necklace This necklace is so totally different from anything you’ve ever seen, which is why it makes such a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe. The necklace features several tiers of handmade leather in great neon colors. If you need one statement necklace, this is the one I recommend. You can find this necklace at Etsy.com.


Spike Bangles

Spike Bangles These awesome bangles combine neon with a little bit of edge. Each one combines spiked neon beads with neutral gold spikes for a look that adds some color and fun to your clothes. Wear these all summer with your favorite sundresses and you’ll be able to sport just the right amount of neon no matter where you go. Aliexpress.com sells these bangles.


Rose Stud Earrings

Rose Stud Earrings I remember the days when huge, dangling neon earrings were the trend and I owned my fair share, let me tell you. Now, however, I prefer a more understated look and often opt for small stud earrings. These are the best studs I’ve been able to find that are still neon. They feature a lime green rose bud and are just the right thing for trying out the trend without regretting your earring purchases. Again, you're going to want to check out Etsy.com for these earrings.


Neon Bolt Earrings

Neon Bolt Earrings These multicolored neon lightning bolt earrings are a great choice! They feature a gradated pattern of purple, turquoise and yellow that is sure to add some color to your favorite outfits. The earrings are lightweight and give you a bit of edge too. I love these for summertime. Moddeals.com sells these earrings for a super affordable $2.50!

Do you go for the neon trend? I can remember my years in junior high when we all wore neon shorts, shirts and jewelry. What I love about the pieces on this list is that they let you enjoy the neon look without revisiting years gone by. Which one is your favorite?

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Really wish you provided sources to these : ( I love the earrings so much!!

I LOVE the #3 necklace!!! Anyone know where I can find it?? And hopefully it's pretty inexpensive... 😍👍✌️😎

I love the 4th one! 💕

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