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43 Elegant Layered Necklaces ...

By Vladlena

Layered necklaces are one of the hottest trends this season. While there aren't any specific rules to applying this trend, most of the time the necklaces are of different length so that they can stand out on their own instead of getting tangled in a bunch. What's also awesome about this trend is that you can tweak it to your own taste and style, by pairing pieces you love the most by or purchasing the layered necklaces as a set!

1 LayeredAndLong Gold Necklace Set

LayeredAndLong Gold Necklace SetVia Layered Gold Necklace Set // ...

This set comes with three layered necklaces, so you don't have to go through the trouble of finding pieces of different lengths!

2 Gold Bar Necklace Set

Gold Bar Necklace SetVia Gold Bar Necklace, Layered Set ...

A set of dainty and reserved layered necklaces for a woman of any age and style!

3 Blue ZONI Necklace

Blue ZONI NecklaceVia blue ZONI necklace

Absolutely love the earthy feel of the stones suspended from the delicate chains!

4 Gold Layered Necklaces

Gold Layered NecklacesVia

Layered necklaces such as these will add flair to any basic blouse or tee shirt!

5 Pendant and Amethyst Necklace

Pendant and Amethyst NecklaceVia Shenae Grimes 2013 Boyfriend

Shenae Grimes, a well known fashionista joined this trend years ago and accessorized her plain tank with a pair of layered necklaces for the red carpet!

6 Gold Hamsa Set

Gold Hamsa SetVia Layered Necklaces, Gold Necklace Hamsa ...

Love the random positioning of the necklaces with the hamsa hand positioned more to the right, black bar to the left and the circular pendant hanging right down the middle!

7 Necklace with Labradorite by Koshikira

Necklace with Labradorite by KoshikiraVia PURE necklace with labradorite

With this necklace set, all of the attention will be brought to your neck!

8 Numerous Layers for a Casual Look

Numerous Layers for a Casual LookVia

The layered accessories definitely bring more dimension to the outfit, turning a plain boring ensemble into something worth capturing!

9 Simple and Elegant Layering Set

Simple and Elegant Layering SetVia

Very dainty and soft layering set that makes a statement without being too much in your face.

10 Elegant and Dainty Set

Elegant and Dainty SetVia Follow French Voguettes

Layered necklaces are perfect to pair with V-necks!

11 Stone and Tulip Bar Necklaces

Stone and Tulip Bar NecklacesVia Tulip Bar Necklace

Absolutely in love with the eye-catching stone and finely beaded necklaces as they are definitely something you can't miss!

12 Delicate Layers

Delicate LayersVia Welcome to my fashion world

Another pair of dainty necklaces with a very feminine and fragile appeal.

13 Simple Bar and Stone

Simple Bar and StoneVia 14 Karat Gold Filled Bar ...

Bar and stone necklaces flawlessly complement each other, as the bar necklace is there for simplicity and the stone piece is there to make a statement!

14 Layers on Layers!

Layers on Layers!Via Bewitch My Heart

Accessorizing this particular outfit gives it the edge that it needs!

15 Hamsa Hand, Bar and Crosses

Hamsa Hand, Bar and CrossesVia My style

Love how closely the necklaces align with each other and form a cascading effect.

16 Gypsy Style Layered Necklaces

Gypsy Style Layered NecklacesVia Hallucinating-faeries: ❂ (

Just because summer is in session doesn't mean we can no longer layer!

17 Amethyst Slice along with Other Stones

Amethyst Slice along with Other StonesVia Amethyst Druzy Elongated Slice Necklace

This is a set of different individual necklaces tweaked to her own liking!

18 Gold and Dainty Jewels

Gold and Dainty JewelsVia Such Good Style: Day to ...

Beautifully crafted set of tiny necklaces, which are perfect for layering.

19 Layers for Fall

Layers for FallVia The Glamourai Shows Us Her ...

Utterly in love with this set of layers giving the illusion of body chains, another hot trend in fashion!

20 Turquoise Layers

Turquoise LayersVia Layered Necklace Set. Turquoise Stone ...

Love how unique these layers are with atypical circular pendants going all through the chain and turquoise beads spread throughout.

21 Blue Lapis, Sideways Hamsa and Curved Bar

Blue Lapis, Sideways Hamsa and Curved BarVia Gold Layering Necklaces, Set of ...

A set of statement layers for everyday wear.



Very uncommon set of layering pendants that is very hard to come by.

23 Delicate Chains, Boho Pendants & Turquoise Necklace

Delicate Chains, Boho Pendants & Turquoise NecklaceVia Key West. - Bobbiestyle

The stunning turquoise necklace steals the spotlight!

24 Layers for a Business Casual Look

Layers for a Business Casual LookVia Learn How To Layer Necklaces ...

The layered pendants definitely add more spice to this already flirty look.

25 Layering Chunky and Dainty Necklaces

Layering Chunky and Dainty NecklacesVia ARROWHEAD Necklace

Once again there are no rules to this trend, no rules saying you can't mix dainty with chunky!

26 Raw Amethyst Slice Necklace Set

Raw Amethyst Slice Necklace SetVia Amethyst Slice Necklace

The identical chains make this ensemble a homogenous set.

27 Unique Design and Gold Filled Chain

Unique Design and Gold Filled ChainVia Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Identical necklaces suspended at a different length... not a bad look either!

28 Silver Layered Necklaces

Silver Layered NecklacesVia Britta Nickel

Love how these layered pieces give this deep v cut top a little flair!

29 Crystal Quartz Wirewrapped Necklace and More

Crystal Quartz Wirewrapped Necklace and MoreVia QUARTZ wire wrapped rosary necklace

I think the variety of these layers in design, chains, texture and color makes it that much more captivating.

30 Ring, Amethyst Stone and Charms

Ring, Amethyst Stone and CharmsVia Gold Layered Necklace Set ; ...

Perfect accessory for any young woman to pair with the simplest tops!

31 Edgy Combination of Layered Necklaces

Edgy Combination of Layered NecklacesVia Plum Pretty Sugar

Very stylish look with the gold chocker ring and the illusion of a double wrapped necklace.

32 Feminine and Elegant

Feminine and ElegantVia

Very elegant pieces assembled together for a pure and angelic appearance.

33 Chunky and Bold Pieces

Chunky and Bold PiecesVia The Bohemian Muse

Love the combination of dark long necklaces for more of a harsh and mysterious look.

34 Silver Layers

Silver LayersVia johaab

Nothing can dress up more a white tee shirt than a bunch of statement necklaces.

35 Simona Mar 3 Layers Necklace

Simona Mar 3 Layers NecklaceVia Simona Mar 3 Layers Necklace ...

Crescent Moon Filigree, Stalactite Slice Quartz and Geode Druzy Slab Pendant!

36 Bold and Very out There!

Bold and Very out There!Via LaBlonde

The word 'bold' for this set of layers is an understatement!

37 Beachy Layered Necklaces

Beachy Layered NecklacesVia Uncovet Blog — Get these ...

A set of three necklaces with a very beachy and bohemian vibe.

38 Soft and Elegant Layers

Soft and Elegant LayersVia

Yet another set of adorable little necklaces layered on top of each other.

39 How to Layer Necklaces like a Pro

How to Layer Necklaces like a ProVia Learn How To Layer Necklaces ...

Stunning combination of striking layering pieces, I will be on a look out for!

40 Drop Point Necklace, Amethyst Stone and Cross

Drop Point Necklace, Amethyst Stone and CrossVia DROP point necklace - lariat

Take away the layered necklaces and this is just a plain boring tank top!

41 Triple Layered Gold Necklace Set

Triple Layered Gold Necklace SetVia Triple Layered Gold Necklace Set ...

Vintage coins, with a bent tube and turquoise beads!

42 Same Length Necklaces

Same Length NecklacesVia DALLAS - They All Hate ...

This set pushes the boundaries by pairing necklaces of the same length!

43 Ocean Blue Layered Necklaces

Ocean Blue Layered NecklacesVia The Secrets To Necklace Layering

Gorgeous layers of identical ocean blue droplets and a gold bar!

Layered necklaces are in for a reason! They spice up any outfit and bring a unique, and personalized quality to any look. Which set of layering necklaces will you be on a hunt for?

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