What Your πŸ€” Engagement Ring πŸ’ Style Says πŸ’­ about You ☝️ ...


Wondering what your engagement ring says about you? While the actual purchase was probably made by your significant other, you likely gave your input to help him decide which cut and style was your favorite. Turns out the choice you two have made can tell others more about who you are. Here's what your engagement ring says about you.

1. Solitaire Style Ring

Let's start talking about what your engagement ring says about you with the solitaire. You are organized, punctual, and responsible. You appreciate people who call it like they see it. You do not waste your time with petty gossip and social media, but rather you enjoy spending time in the outdoors or traveling the world. Your fiancΓ© understands your independence and supports your spontaneous endeavors. He does not mind that you hate when people beat around the bush but, in fact, finds it quite refreshing. You are career minded, timeless, and are a catch in the wife department.

Halo Style Ring
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