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7 Rings That Will Pack a Punch ...

By Sophia

I love a statement ring. Right now, bold and brazen pieces of jewellery are all the rage. Think chunky metal pieces intertwined with beads and stones. If you’re after a dangerously stylish piece of jewellery, try the following on for size.

Table of contents:

  1. Yves saint laurent arty too silver-plated ring
  2. Bleachblack tangled branch and stone ring
  3. Asos statement encrusted skulls and crosses ring
  4. Topshop ridged stone ring
  5. Rachel ruddick cold cast crystal cave ring
  6. Pamela love tribal spike sterling silver ring
  7. Asos layered metal and stone ring

1 Yves Saint Laurent Arty Too Silver-plated Ring

Price: $295.00 at
This is the ultimate statement ring. This silver-plated nugget ring has such a slick yet rugged aesthetic. It’s a sure fire way to add interest to any outfit. Let your fingers do the talking with this ring on!

2 Bleachblack Tangled Branch and Stone Ring

Price: $18.00 at
This cheap and cheerful ring is the perfect way to spruce up an outfit. The branch-like body of the ring is such an interesting design feature. Wear it alone or stacked with other rings. You can’t go wrong!

3 Asos Statement Encrusted Skulls and Crosses Ring

Price: $17.93 at
This ring features stone embellished skull details with a brushed metal finish. The macabre skull motif is offset by the clear stones and sculpted flower details. I just love the way that this ring looks. It’s a reasonable price point too, which is great for those on a budget!

4 Topshop Ridged Stone Ring

Price: $25.00 at
This is such an attention grabbing ring. The four blue stones look amazing set again the raw gold-look ring. The staggered line design of the ring makes it look like it’s been created by a natural phenomenon. This is one ring to get your mitts on.

5 Rachel Ruddick Cold Cast Crystal Cave Ring

Price: $180.00 at
Splash out on this gold ring. The design was inspired by the peaks and troughs of natural crystals. This 9ct gold plated ring would be perfect for everyday wear, or as a statement cocktail ring. Part knuckle duster, part art, this ring will definitely pack a mighty punch!

6 Pamela Love Tribal Spike Sterling Silver Ring

Price: $290.00 at
This spike ring almost looks like a piece of weaponry. This burnished sterling silver ring is very lust worthy. This tribal inspired design is very edgy indeed. Pair it with a clean and simple outfit to really let the ring do the talking.

7 Asos Layered Metal and Stone Ring

Price: $21.52 at
I love the stacked design of this ring. It creates a very pyramid-like aesthetic. The metal and resin layers are a great combination. If you’re after a bold and chunky statement ring, this is it!

What is your perfect idea of a statement ring? Do any of these catch your eye?

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