8 Amazing Bangles ...

By Jennifer

8 Amazing Bangles ...

It may not be so important during the winter, but in the warmer months, when our gorgeous wrists and arms are bare, we need beautiful bangles to wear! They look marvelous with maxi dresses, sleeveless blouses, and even just tees and shorts… and I’m ready to add to my collection of bangles in preparation for warmer weather! Here are 8 amazing bangles to set you on your path to bangle-d brilliance.

1 Mixing Elements Bangle

Price: $358.00 at anthropologie.com
This gorgeous bangle is made of striated resin layers, fine enough for a queen, ready to be worn with any of your warm-weather ensembles. Be sure the rest of your accessories match and bask in the glow of the compliments you’re sure to receive.

2 On-the-Rocks Bangle

Price: $168.00 at anthropologie.com
This gloriously simple, elegant bangle features a slim hook-closure band set with deep blue kyanite, aquamarine and labradorite, each one unique but stunning. Wear with a denim shirt-dress and wedges or a long floral-print maxi skirt. Gorgeous!

3 Brass Bangle Set

Price: $58.00 at anthropologie.com
Make the military trend your own with this trio of bright brass bangles. They make a delicious clatter as they clang together, and add so much style to any of your outfits! I can’t think of a thing these wouldn’t compliment… but I’d wear it with a military-inspired cropped jacket, a pencil skirt, and patent heels.

4 Jingle-Jangle Bangle

Price: $68.00 at anthropologie.com
This demure Lucite bangle is neutral enough to wear with almost anything in your closet, from the softest dolman-sleeved tunic and leggings to your favorite LBD or your most well-loved skinny jeans, and everything in between. Wear two or more, stacked together, for maximum impact.

5 Clementine Rind Bracelet

Price: $68.00 at anthropologie.com
Wear this delightful bangle alone or with the white bangle (above), either way, it’s bound to draw attention and admiration. I love its organic shape, and the gorgeous color, exactly the shade of my favorite tangy-sweet summer citrus fruit, the Clementine. I’d stack this with thin brass or wood bangles, too, and wear it all year round!

6 Brass Button Bangle

Price: $68.00 at anthropologie.com
A single line of hammered brass, run ‘round with floral-print medallion buttons to match, yet another way to wear the military trend. Pair with a delicate sweater or floaty skirt, or with a multi-strand matching necklace and maxi dress.

7 Molten Metal Bangle

Price: $178.00 at anthropologie.com
What an incredibly unique statement bracelet! This bangle is set with a singular faceted Swarovski crystal in a molten brass and pewter band. Each piece is slightly different from the others, but regardless of exactly which one you receive, it’s bound to be beautiful. So much sparkle and shine!

With so many gorgeous bangle bracelets waiting to be worn, I just can’t wait for warmer weather! I especially adore the Clementine bangle (isn’t the color divine?), but they’re all so beautiful and unique! Which of these brilliant bangles do you like best, and what would you wear it with?

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