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8 Amazing Brooches by Tiffany ...

By Jennifer

A few years ago, I inherited a beautiful brooch from an elderly relative, and I adore it. I had never really had one before, and now I can’t stop buying them. I use them to decorate dress coats, jackets, cardigans, tote bags… anything I think needs a little extra sparkle and shine. Of course, my favorite jeweler has the most amazing brooches, many of which are far out of my budget, but are still so gorgeous I see them in my dreams. Here are 8 amazing brooches by Tiffany.

Table of contents:

  1. Jean schlumberger diamond two-fish brooch
  2. Jean schlumberger butterfly clip
  3. Elsa peretti starfish brooch
  4. Star bouquet brooch
  5. Sapphire and diamond owl brooch
  6. Kunzite and diamond bow brooch
  7. Paloma picasso love brooch
  8. Frank gehry leaves brooch

1 Jean Schlumberger Diamond Two-Fish Brooch

Price: $105,000.00 at
These twin fish are enchanting examples of the art of paillonné enameling. The brooch features glittering round and square diamonds and pink sapphires mounted in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum with blue enamel accents. The total carat weight of all those gorgeous diamonds breath-taking: more than ten carats!

2 Jean Schlumberger Butterfly Clip

Price: $30,000.00 at
Isn’t this gorgeous? This delicate, detailed butterfly is all glitter, with oval-cut pink sapphires, tear-drop shaped amethyst, and more than one and a half carats of tiny round diamonds for even more glitter and shine. The brooch is made of platinum with 18-karat gold, and is so very pretty!

3 Elsa Peretti Starfish Brooch

Price: $2,250.00 at
This brooch features one simple, elegant starfish, celebrating the delicate life under the sea. The design is beautiful, stark but fluid, imitating so realistically the shape of a starfish, cast in rich 18-karat yellow gold.

4 Star Bouquet Brooch

Price: $50,000.00 at
Capture a constellation’s worth of brilliant stars, and make them into a bouquet that will last forever, wherever you decide to pin it. The brooch is made of platinum, with dazzling round diamonds (3.15 total carat weight) and sweet blue aquamarines (1.35 total carat weight).

5 Sapphire and Diamond Owl Brooch

Price: $49,000.00 at
This wise little owl would make a magnificent addition to any brooch collection, with his bright blue sapphire eyes and feathers in brilliant white diamonds and more blue sapphires. He’s clever, perched on a platinum branch, counting his more than 6 total carats of glittering gemstones.

6 Kunzite and Diamond Bow Brooch

Price: $75,000.00 at
Discovered by and named after Tiffany’s distinguished gemologist, George Kunz, this brooch features a spectacular pale pink Kunzite wrapped with a ribbon of platinum and round diamonds. The stunning Kunzite measures more than 109 carats, and is perfectly emerald cut. How gorgeous!

7 Paloma Picasso Love Brooch

Price: $40,000.00 at
Part of Paloma Picasso’s popular “Graffiti” collection, this brooch features one simple word in an elegant, modern script. It’s made of bright 18-karat white gold highlighted with more than 6 total carats of glittering round-cut diamonds.

8 Frank Gehry Leaves Brooch

Price: $45,000.00 at
Celebrate the color of the arrival, or falling, of deciduous leaves with this gorgeous brooch designed by Frank Gehry. It’s made of 18-karat rose, yellow, and white gold with dozens of glimmering round-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 6.10. How lovely!

With so many beautiful, unique brooches to choose from, it was hard to pick one favorite, but I really love that pink Kunzite and the owl… they’re so pretty… and all that glitter is so eye-catching! Which of these Tiffany brooches do you like best, and why?

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