7 Beautiful Gemstones to Add to Your Jewellery Collection ...


If you’re looking for a way to spice up your jewellery collection, then maybe some of these beautiful gemstones are the way to go! Whether you’re a ring kinda girl or go for necklaces instead, you’ll be able to find the perfect gemstone to compliment your style. If you need an excuse to go shopping for some more accessories, then maybe these beautiful gemstones will help!

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Agate Agate comes in so many shapes, types and colours, each of which is totally stunning! It is generally found in volcanic rocks which if you ask me is pretty awesome. Agate is thought to bring protection to anyone that wears it as well as protecting you from bad dreams. Keep your eyes out for tree agate, one of the most beautiful gemstones out there!



Malachite If you’re a girl who loves the colour green, then malachite is definitely the gemstone for you. It is a deep green stone with light green bands running throughout it. Malachite makes beautiful jewellery - I have a malachite necklace and I wear it all the time! It’s a gorgeous, versatile gemstone that looks stunning on anyone!



Bloodstone Bloodstone, or heliotrope as it’s sometimes known, is an amazing gemstone, particularly for jewellery! It’s a deep dark green, characterised by flecks of red (thought to look like spots of blood, hence the name ‘bloodstone’). It’s primarily found in India and is thought to represent justice and promote healing within the body. If you can get your hands on some bloodstone jewellery, you’ll be one stylish lady!



Melanite Melanite, a variety of andradite, is a beautifully mysterious shiny black stone. I’m not going to lie - it’s a rare and expensive gem (which is why it’s often known as the ‘black diamond’), but if you are lucky enough to find some jewellery containing this stunning gem then it’s the perfect one to add to your collection. Because it’s black it will look amazing with any outfit and any style!


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye This gemstone is one of the most mesmerising on this list - the colours and appearance of Tiger’s Eye almost looks fake! Most of the Tiger’s Eye you pick up, like any gem, has been polished, but even the untreated stone is beautiful and natural-looking. This gemstone would make the perfect earrings and would absolutely pop on anyone with dark hair.



Moonstone My moonstone ring is one of the most loved and most worn items of jewellery in my collection! The way moonstone reflects light is absolutely stunning - it changes colour depending on where the light is hitting it from. My ring changes from silver to blue to purple and sometimes you can even pick up hints of pink! It’s not an expensive gem and any jewellery containing moonstone is the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.



Labradorite This is one gemstone that is oh so versatile! Labradorite comes in colours such as blue, yellow, brown, green, grey and even clear. It reflects light beautifully, and any jewellery containing labradorite should be worn in the light to really get the full effect. People who study gemstones believe that labradorite helps to bring out the best in anyone who wears it - sounds great to me!

Finding jewellery with different kinds of gemstones is great fun! The stunning gemstones in this list will look beautiful on anyone and I hope you find the perfect one for you! Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match - gemstones often complement each other amazingly! Which gemstone is your favourite?

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