7 Gemstones and What to Look for when You're Jewelry Shopping ...

By Rosalina

7 Gemstones and What to Look for when You're Jewelry Shopping ...

If you're a fan of all that glitters and sparkles, then you're probably a fan of gemstones and jewelry, so this list of gemstones and what to look for when you're jewelry shopping may help when you're on your next jewelry shopping trip. Marilyn was right when she said that diamonds were a girl's best friend, but what she didn't acknowledge was the fact that rubies, emeralds and sapphires were also great pals! There are some lexical terms you may want to familiarize yourself with before you go jewelry shopping, just so that you can dazzle your shopping partner with your knowledge. For example, do you know your carat from your inclusion? A carat is a unit of weight in a gemstone and is not be confused with the vegetable addition to your detox smoothie, whilst an inclusion is essentially a bubbly blemish in the stone. So, now that you're armed with a little gemstone jargon, here are some things to look for when you're jewelry shopping.

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1 Amethyst

Amethyst These stunning deep purple gem stones are fabulous in jewelry and the deeper the purple, the more valuable the stone. The name actually means "without drunkenness," and the stone is said to protect the wearer from poison, feelings of guilt and witchcraft. Superstitions aside, you're looking for perfect clarity in the stone and no visible flaws. If you're feeling a little majestic when you're jewelry shopping and imagining that you were as lucky as Kate Middleton, then the regal purple amethyst is for you as it is commonly used in the crowns of royalty.

2 Emerald

Emerald This symbol of youth, love and rebirth is a rejuvenating stone with its beautiful deep vivid green and makes a stunning gemstone in a piece of jewelry. Its proper name is beryl and the best ones come from Colombia and Brazil. The most popular cut is the step-cut, which is also known as the emerald cut, and you're looking for perfect clarity or transparency.

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3 Garnet

Garnet These stones are said to protect you from nightmares when you're sleeping and are also said to protect travelers from harm. Overall, it's a purifying and healing stone and will make the perfect gift if you're looking to wish someone well before their travels. The most valuable garnet gemstones are a brilliant green hue but the red and pink varieties are the most popular.

4 Ruby

Ruby Although many shapes and cuts of rubies are available, they are usually cut in an oval shape. If you're looking for the best stones then opt for the ones which have a fiery red color and ensure that the centre of the stone does not appear dark. If you're looking for large rubies then you may be looking for a while, as they are a rarity and five carats is usually the largest you will find. They are considered powerful gems and encourage love, friendship and passion.

5 Sapphire

Sapphire Sapphires come in a variety of cuts but the most popular is the oval shape. They come in a range of colors and there are even 'color-change' stones which have different hues according to whether they're in natural or artificial light. If you're looking for the most valuable then look out for those which are a deep and pure royal blue. To look like an expert when you're examining your sapphire, hold the stone face up and ensure that the light is reflecting evenly. Also, there should be no scratches and as with the ruby, the centre of the stone should not appear dark. Interestingly, 90 percent of sapphires undergo a process of heating, which improves their clarity and color.

6 Topaz

Topaz Topaz stones come in a variety of colors such as peach, blue, green, yellow and brown. The rarest, however, are a beautiful light pink or red. Again, hold the stone face up to see whether it reflects the light evenly and ensure that there are no scratches.

7 Turquoise

Turquoise If you're looking for a beautiful piece of turquoise jewelry then check the condition of the gemstone carefully. Ensure there are no chips in the stone and if you're looking for the most valuable, the pure blue type is the best. Turquoise is quite a soft stone and is often coated with a resin to make it more resilient.

Remember, if you're looking for semi-precious stones in your jewelry, then ensure that you visit a reputable jeweler who will be able to guide you on the quality of the stone and the jewelry. Does anyone else have any hints and tips on what to look for when they're searching for gemstones?

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