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Finding ways to accessorize your scarf with jewelry is easier than you may think. A few weeks ago, I fell in love with a precious little scarf ring. It was one of a kind, and now that the summer is on its way I am sort of sad I cannot use it anymore. Even so, I like to think of other ways you can accessorize your scarf with jewelry. Winter, spring, summer or fall, you can bring a glam touch to any one of your outfits.

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Scarf Ring

Scarf Ring Firstly and most obviously, there is the good old scarf ring. These accessories became popular in the Georgian era, and really gathered a following at the beginning of the last century. Just check out some of the ladies on Downton Abbey for a little inspiration! Of all the ways to accessorize your scarf with jewelry, this is my favorite. Why? There is plenty of room for finding vintage items.



Brooch If keeping your scarf in place with a ring isn’t to your taste, then a brooch is a better option. Scarf rings are rarely modern. This means you stand a stronger chance of being on-trend when you use a brooch. Try picking one that really contrasts with your scarf; it’ll make it stand out more.



Pins Don’t like glam accessories at all? That’s okay! I reckon band pins (although not jewelry) are excellent for accessorizing scarfs. Even better, go for understated elegance by using a pearl pin. Press yours into the area of your scarf that rests below your chin to draw attention to your face. These accessories are so slight, you need to take a tactical approach to using them.


Spare Earrings

Spare Earrings Got a spare earring floating about? There’s no need to let it go to waste! Unless it’s a hoop—which could just look ridiculous—an earring can act as a precious way to accessorize your scarf. There is no need to let good jewelry go to waste, especially when you love it.


Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski Crystals I only recommend spending time on using Swarovski crystals to accessorise your scarf if you are a particularly good crafter. Otherwise, you may waste perfectly stunning crystals and an adorable scarf all in one blow. Take a step back from your scarf, think about how you want to make it glisten, and add the crystals accordingly. You can approach this in two ways. Go for less is more, or go so far your scarf looks like it belongs in a Vegas show. Anything in-between just won’t work.


Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces I absolutely love slight scarves. They look so elegant in that awkward space between spring’s early beginnings and the point that warm summers start to creep in. Many of them are so delicate, you can afford to layer them over or around a statement necklace. I like to pick the ones that are chunky, as they make the scarf seem even more delicate.


Scarf Bails

Scarf Bails Finally, the scarf ring’s chunkier more modern cousin. Scarf bails are thicker and less fiddly. They come in various precious metals, or you can try chunky woods for a rustic look. Personally, I am a fan of oxidised silver when it comes to scarf bails.

If you have a scarf that you feel is a bit drab, accessorize it before abandoning it altogether. Once you get the ball rolling, your outfits won’t be the same again. When using accessories, make sure they stand out against the backdrop of your scarf. If you accessorize your scarf, what is it that you do?

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