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Pandora bracelets really are fantastic gifts to give on Mothers’ Day. Of course all of our moms know we love them, but isn’t it nice to show we care with something extra special? I don’t own any Pandora bracelets, but a lot of the ladies in my life do. From pastels and flowers, to their world famous charms, each item is delicately understated yet astoundingly beautiful. Are you ready to add one to your mom’s jewelry collection?

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Moments Charm

Moments Charm One of the simplest Pandora bracelets to start your mom off with is the Moments Charm. Historically, charms have been used to capture those moments you treasure. Get this bracelet for your mom, add on a couple of symbolic charms, and she will follow suit in years to come. Now every time a special occasion comes around, she can embed it in her memory with some charms of her own.


Pave Heart Bracelet

Pave Heart Bracelet Pandora isn’t all about charm bracelets. There are one or two items that are meant to stay in their original form, and this is one of them. The Pave Heart Bracelet features a delicate little heart resting on a simple chain. If your mom isn’t the type of person who loves to go OTT with her jewelry, I think it will be perfect for her.


Moments Red Triple Leather Bracelet

Moments Red Triple Leather Bracelet I love the color red and I adore any jewelry that stacks. The only down side to that type of jewelry is that it is usually too clunky to wear practically. Pandora gets around that by creating this piece that gives a stacked look, without the awkward stacking. If metal isn’t your mom’s thing, this is a great Pandora alternative for her.


Moments Double Woven Leather in Purple

Moments Double Woven Leather in Purple Or maybe your mom is a bit of a free spirit, in which case she may prefer a woven bracelet! To me, woven pieces immediately evoke memories of festival atmospheres. Maybe that is because festivals are the main arenas I have seen people wearing them in! This bracelet comes in a single form too, as well as in other colors.


Moments Five Clip Bracelet

Moments Five Clip Bracelet If you are going to buy the Moments Five Clip Bracelet, I highly recommend finding some charms and crafting them around it. Maybe you could think of the most precious memories you share with your mom. In fact, they don’t even need to be precious. Throwing in some charms that remind her of funny times is a winning way to delight her too.


The Pandora Charm Bracelet

The Pandora Charm Bracelet It isn’t often that I like gold, but this bracelet does it for me. Usually I am not a fan of gold because it always manages to look too garish on me. However, the tones are so subtle in this piece, there is no chance of that happening. It will look great with bronze or gold charms too.


Pandora Moments Charm Bracelet

Pandora Moments Charm Bracelet Compared to the first Pandora Moments Charm Bracelet, this one is darker and it costs a lot less too. This means you can surprise your mom with one, even when you are on the tightest of budgets. Personally, I prefer the darker hues in this piece. I think they open it up to a broader range of charms, without them clashing.

The lovely thing about Pandora is that once you have started your bracelet, the fun has only just begun. You can keep adding charms as you go along. So whether you are treating yourself or your mom for mothers’ day, it is a fantastic way to start a little collection of memories. If there is a particular Pandora bracelet or charm you love, what is it?

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