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Accessorizing with bracelets is one of the best ways to spice up an outfit but just stacking random bangles on your wrist will not work, for that reason here are some arm candy ideas to help you out. You might notice that the trick is to stack the right type of bracelets and make it look effortless, which is why it's important to mix different sizes, textures, and even colors. Among the variety of dimensions and color schemes, there must be a common theme just like in the following arm candy ideas.

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Fossil Watch and Matching Gold Bracelets

Fossil Watch and Matching Gold Bracelets Via twitter.com

One of the most common arm candy ideas, with the gold watch taking the center stage!


Accessorizing with a Fossil watch surrounded by gold bracelets creates an effortlessly chic and cohesive look. It's all about choosing pieces that complement rather than compete with your watch, allowing it to shine as the key piece on your wrist. With their timeless elegance, gold bracelets add a touch of sophistication and can easily transition from daywear to evening attire. Stack them to make a statement, or select one or two for a more understated approach. The beauty of this combination lies in its versatility and the personal flair it adds to any ensemble.


Gold Arm Candy

Gold Arm Candy Via Chasing Davies: Fall trends in ...

Notice how there is an overarching theme of gold that brings every piece together.


Business Casual

Business Casual Via Monday Inspiration 15

For an edgy and classy look, match a few cuffs with contrasting dainty bracelets and a bit a pop of color!


Gold and Shiny Arm Candy

Gold and Shiny Arm Candy Via

Very feminine set of arm candy with bracelets that complement each other.


Elegant and Simple Arm Candy

Elegant and Simple Arm Candy Via Arm Candy Awesomeness!

The gold chain and infinity beaded bracelet mix up the texture and shape of the whole look.


Tory Burch Bracelets

Tory Burch Bracelets Via fav accessories

Love the contrasting colors between a pair black Tory Burch bracelets and the rest of the arm candy. The clashing hues really give it an eye-catching quality.


Glamorous and Classy

Glamorous and Classy Via Untitled

Perfect set of arm candy, which can complement any classic outfit.


Edgy and Fierce Arm Candy

Edgy and Fierce Arm Candy Via We Heart It

Perfect set of accessories for a night out!


Elegant and Chic

Elegant and Chic Via Southern Curls & Pearls: A ...

Statement accessories that will definitely take your outfit to the next level!


Kappa Arm Candy Bracelet

Kappa Arm Candy Bracelet Via t.jewelmint.com

While the bracelets are identical in form, they all have different detailing, which is what makes it work!


Black and Gold Arm Candy Set

Black and Gold Arm Candy Set Via Gold and Black Arm Candy ...

Absolutely adore the color scheme of black and gold with a pop of shiny crystals.


Dark Layered Look

Dark Layered Look Via Cute Arm Candy Styles to ...

Plain, dark and silver pieces which when brought together form one hell of an arm candy!


Renegade Cluster and Gilded Arrow Bangle

Renegade Cluster and Gilded Arrow Bangle Via Fashion Bracelets, Leather Bracelets, Cuffs ...

Absolutely in love with the renegade cluster bracelet and the gilded arrow bangle which absolutely make the arm candy look because of their unique nature.


Arm Candy from Qvc

Arm Candy from Qvc Via Angi's Arm Candy

So much detail put into every piece!


Gold Stacking

Gold Stacking Via thescoutguide.com

Adore this stacking set with so much variety of styles and shapes!


Nasty Gal Arm Candy

Nasty Gal Arm Candy Via Nasty Gal Clothing - Affordable ...

This is more of a casual arm candy set with more plain and simple bracelets, which can be paired with absolutely any day-out ensemble!


Wood and Gold

Wood and Gold Via 1dlypromo.biz

Beautiful everyday pieces assembled with the wood texture and dark chocolate color in mind.


Anchor Arm Candy

Anchor Arm Candy Via Obsessing over Accessorizing

One of my favorite arm candy ideas with a very nautical and elegant feel.


Gold, on Gold, on Gold

Gold, on Gold, on Gold Via Fashion

The overabundance of gold is balanced with a touch of brown leather as part of the arm candy.


Minimalistic and Simple

Minimalistic and Simple Via feedly.com

When it comes to arm candy the more is usually the better, but there are always exceptions such as in cases like this!


Feminine Arm Candy in Action

Feminine Arm Candy in Action Via Tumblr girl fashion

You can see for yourself just how accessorizing with arm candy brings the whole outfit together.


Colorful and Chunky

Colorful and Chunky Via a blog by Chriselle Lim

Going along with the orange and pink color scheme, we have a rose gold watch and complementary pieces paired together.


Coral Crush Bracelet Stack

Coral Crush Bracelet Stack Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy

Coral and peachy arm candy with a pop of white for everyday wear!


Gilded Arm Candy

Gilded Arm Candy Via LIKEtoKNOW.it

You can never go wrong by pairing a statement gold watch with textured bracelets for a complete arm candy!


Diverse Arm Candy Combo

Diverse Arm Candy Combo Via Arm Party Inspiration: Tortoise With ...

As mentioned before for arm candy to work, you must include an assortment of colors, textures, shapes, and styles of bracelets into your look. In this particular example you can't pinpoint a common theme, but for some reason it works!


Wrap around Watch with a Single Bracelet

Wrap around Watch with a Single Bracelet Via My Other Side Of Fashion.

If you have yet to collect pieces to assemble as arm candy, wrap watches give the illusion of stacked on bracelets. So all you would need aside from that is a single bracelet to add a little variety!


Bright and Fun Arm Candy

Bright and Fun Arm Candy Via Bracelets | Shop Bangles, Cuffs ...

The pop of color of contrasting shades of turquoise and fuchsia contribute to the exotic and captivating feel of this set of bracelets!


Statement Watch

Statement Watch Via popsu.gr

For a simple and sophisticated look, mix a bold watch with unadorned pieces. Sometimes simplicity is the key!


Mint and Gold Arm Candy

Mint and Gold Arm Candy Via Buddhalicious Mint and Gold Bracelet ...

Stunning mixture of light opaque beaded bracelets with more daring pieces such as the spiked and Buddha themed bracelets.


Exquisite and Fancy Stack on

Exquisite and Fancy Stack on Via jewelry

Now this is a unique arm candy that will stand out on its own!


Soft and Elegant Set

Soft and Elegant Set Via My Style

Perfect set of accessories that should decorate the wrist of every woman!


Boho Themed Arm Candy

Boho Themed Arm Candy Via On Sale- Teal and Cream ...

Loving the unexpected mixture of different hues, and the overall laid-back and bohemian feel!


Luxurious and Lavish

Luxurious and Lavish Via ARM CANDY

Completely opulent arm candy that will surely turn heads.


Rosegold Arm Candy

Rosegold Arm Candy Via glitterisalwaysappropriate.tumblr.com

Rosegold accessories are currently very trendy and you can see why!


Light Pink Arm Candy

Light Pink Arm Candy Via Best Love Quotes — ♥ ...

Very girly set of bracelets with a completely unexpected mix of gold and silver!


Eccentric Mix of Bracelets

Eccentric Mix of Bracelets Via ฤดูร้อนยาวทั้งหมด

Each piece can stand on its on but together they look effortlessly beautiful!


Dazzling Arm Candy

Dazzling Arm Candy Via Devon Rachel

Definitely a summer arm candy with a blend of bright colors, fun textures and bright designs!


Mature and Elegant

Mature and Elegant Via Arm candy set - Chunky ...

Timeless pieces that will put the accent on your wrist!


Rose Gold and Peachy

Rose Gold and Peachy Via Google

Soft and delicate pieces will always complement each other!


Striking Arm Candy

Striking Arm Candy Via distilleryimage6.s3.amazonaws.com

Absolutely gorgeous set of accessories starting with a beautiful rose gold watch and a couple of light-reflecting bracelets, along with cartier and nail bangles!


Very Tasteful and Graceful Arm Candy

Very Tasteful and Graceful Arm Candy Via distilleryimage8.s3.amazonaws.com

Love the mix of dainty and small chained bracelets that give a very fragile and elegant effect.

No outfit is complete without a set of appropriate arm candy for a little more 'umf'. So don't be fearful of accessorizing! Which arm candy will you be trying to recreate now?

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I really want to replicate this look, any suggestions of where to find any of the pictured bracelets?

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