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Choosing the right kind of jewellery to pair with your favourite dress or top isn't always easy! With so many styles, it can be tricky to know what looks best with each style of neckline 😱

Keep reading for all you need to know on the right kind of jewellery for each style 😄 you'll never be confused again!

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clothing, leather, denim, jacket, footwear, For shirts with out-turned collars, opt for small jewellery that either fits in the gap between the two collars on hangs down slightly underneath it. Alternatively you can go for a neck-hugging choker that will still show off the collar on your shirt!



clothing, footwear, fashion, pattern, leg, Since turtlenecks have a high neck they often need jewellery that will balance this out to compliment the style, so that you have something high paired with something low. This is why long thread or chain necklaces along with multi-chain bracelets and beads are all great options to go with!


Boat Necklines

clothing, black, dress, photography, lady, A boat neckline extends right across (usually in a fairly straight line or with a small dip in the middle) from one shoulder to the other. When it comes to jewellery, long chain necklaces, beads, statement pieces, and pendants all look great with boat necklines!


Cowl Necklines

clothing, yellow, sleeve, outerwear, spring, Cowl necklines can often look quite decorative on their own, so if you want to pair it with jewellery it's best to tone it down and go for something subtle, such as a pair of earrings. Alternatively, you can wear a short rounded neckline just above the neckline!


Scoop Necklines

clothing, blue, dress, beauty, spring, Because scoop necklines usually dip down quite far to expose the décolletage, jewellery such as necklaces made of small stones or large beads is often a great way to go! An extra tip here is to choose stones that are smooth and rounded.


V-shaped Necklines

clothing, outerwear, sleeve, spring, fashion, Jewellery that compliments a V neckline are often of the same style and also create the same 'V' shape! Great choices in this style are thin hanging pendants or monolithic pendants, all in the shape of an inverted triangle.


Square Necklines

dress, woman, clothing, wedding dress, gown, Because square necklines are quite sharp and angular, it's best that your choice of jewellery compliments this shape as well. This means opting for square or rectangular pendants which fit the same style. This look not only works together but is super easy on the eye! Or you could keep it simple with a pair of beautiful earrings.


Asymmetrical Necklines

color, clothing, green, pink, dress, Probably the easiest example of an asymmetrical neckline is the one-shoulder style commonly found on tops and dresses. To compliment it, pair with jewellery that is also asymmetrical, or alternatively a pair of dangly earrings!


Strapless Outfits

clothing, blue, dress, fashion, spring, Because strapless dresses start quite far down and exposes the top part of your chest, it's best to opt for jewellery such as neck-hugging chain necklaces that don't hang down or take away from the strapless style!

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