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21 Statement Necklaces That'll Add Sparkle to Your Wardrobe ...

By Jennifer

Whether you're looking to add a little pop to an office outfit, or you want to go way glam for the office party, a statement necklace can do the job. Here are a few pieces to add some sparkle and shine (and then some)...

1 Old-Fashioned Collar Pin

Old-Fashioned Collar PinPrice: $19.99 at
Silly to start off a list of necklaces with something that's not actually a necklace, but isn't this amazing, in a vintage granny-chic sort of way?

2 Tree of Blithe Necklace

Tree of Blithe NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
Parade your pride (and support of same) with this gorgeous rainbow-hued necklace.

3 Geo Brio Necklace

Geo Brio NecklacePrice: $17.99 at
I love the juxtaposition of the sharp-angled squares and the softer, more organic bling.

4 Choose Your Own Treasure Necklace

Choose Your Own Treasure NecklacePrice: $24.99 at
Ideal for spreading holiday cheer (and extra sparkle).

5 In the Zone Necklace

In the Zone NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
Because not all outfits come with pockets, but you still love the look and feel of a pocket watch.

6 Yes You Glam Necklace

Yes You Glam NecklacePrice: $24.99 at
This is almost too much glam for the office... almost.

7 Hit the Town Stunning Necklace

Hit the Town Stunning NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
Is there any little black dress you couldn't wear this with? It's also available in amethyst hues.

8 Shining Inspiration Necklace

Shining Inspiration NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
This tiny wonder adds a lot more shine than you'd think.

9 Cone up to It Necklace

Cone up to It NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
Show your outdoors-y side with this elegant little layering piece.

10 Sphere's the Deal Necklace

Sphere's the Deal NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
This little gold necklace charm reminds me so much of Hermione's Time Turner necklace.

11 Sugar, Sugar Necklace

Sugar, Sugar NecklacePrice: $115.99 at
It took me a few seconds to see what exactly these shinies were. Love!

12 No Place like Roam Necklace

No Place like Roam NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
Ideal for a gypsy with wanderlust.

13 Back on Rack Necklace

Back on Rack NecklacePrice: $14.99 at
Layer it with something more sparkly, or wear it alone... it's just lovely!

14 Structural Sweetness Necklace

Structural Sweetness NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
Satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories - this is chocolate, truly.

15 Mystical Moon Necklace

Mystical Moon NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
Add a little mystery to your fave office ensemble with this long, elegant necklace.

16 Take a Tint Necklace

Take a Tint NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
A wearable color wheel, for the artist inside us all.

17 As You Wish Necklace

As You Wish NecklacePrice: $19.99 at
Now everyone will know your love of Wesley and his marvelous movie.

18 Seven Splendors of the World Necklace

Seven Splendors of the World NecklacePrice: $13.99 at
Add a it of sunshine to even the gloomiest of days.

19 Maven of Minimalism Necklace

Maven of Minimalism NecklacePrice: $14.99 at
What does this statement necklace say? That you don't need a lot of bling to complete an outfit.

20 Capacity for Vivacity Necklace

Capacity for Vivacity NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
The last bit of sparkle you'll ever need. It's so versatile!

21 Glints and Glamour Necklace

Glints and Glamour NecklacePrice: $17.99 at
It's simple but still makes quite a sparkly statement.

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