7 Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings ...

When I had long hair, wearing chandelier earrings was a no-go, since they tended to get tangled in my tresses. But now that I have short hair, delight! I can wear them, and they look marvelous! I’ve been searching for a few ne pairs to update my spring-time wardrobe, and I’ve found several I adore. Here are 7 gorgeous chandelier earrings…

1. Intrados Chandeliers

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Price: $198.00 at anthropologie.com
Each of these nine bright gold-tone arches glistens with a singular dew-drop of Swarovski crystal, catching the light as you turn your head, laugh, or chat with a friend. They measure 3½ inches long, and would look stunning with a loose updo and your favorite LBD, or with a soft Boho tunic and skinny jeans with sandals.

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