8 Perfect Bridal Necklaces ...


8 Perfect Bridal Necklaces ...
8 Perfect Bridal Necklaces ...

Summer and autumn are one of the most popular wedding seasons which means this is a good time to discuss wedding jewelry. Now, when it comes to perfect bridal necklaces, I guess every bride has her own idea on what this important piece of bridal attire should look like – am I right? Well, that’s why I’ve chosen 8 totally different but equally perfect bridal necklaces for you today. So, check them out and tell me what you think!

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Crystal Collection Braided Necklace

Crystal Collection Braided Necklace Price: $168.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Big white wedding and princess-like gown definitely call for some red carpet-like bling. Now, this fab braided necklace, for example, could be that ideal piece of bridal jewelry you’ve been looking for – couldn’t it? I love the glitz, the twisted, braid-like style and the fact that it looks kind of “real”.


CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane “Imperial French” Necklace

CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane “Imperial French” Necklace Price: 298.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Oh my! Well, in case rhinestones aren’t exactly your style, you might want to take a look at some other perfect bridal necklaces I’ve included in this list. This gorgeous, shiny and totally extravagant Kenneth Jay Lane cubic zirconia piece looks stunning and I bet it would look even better live. It’s quite pricey, I know… but hey, you only get married once… or twice.


Dabby Reid Long Strand Pearl Necklace

Dabby Reid Long Strand Pearl Necklace Price: $98.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Now this classy long necklace is something worth investing your money in as it can be worn even after the wedding day. You can double it, maybe even triple it or wear it as a bracelet. These glass pearls look very much like the real thing and the metal parts are not just gold-toned but gold plated which definitely adds class and makes it a nice, pricey-looking piece of wedding jewelry.


Glass Pearl Necklace

Glass Pearl Necklace Price: $65.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Shiny crystals and glass pearls – now this is definitely my type of wedding jewelry! It’s very affordable and yet quite elegant so, if you’re operating on a tight budget, definitely give it some thought. Pearls are always a chic way to go and they look fab when worn with lace – remember that!


Ippolita Teardrop Necklace

Ippolita Teardrop Necklace Price: $375.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Beach or other types of casual weddings usually presume different, less formal bridal attire but, fear not as that leaves plenty of room for eye-catching jewelry. Now, if I had a beach wedding, I’d probably go for this amazing, sterling silver pendant necklace that’s not only an ideal piece of bridal bling but something you can wear over and over again. Love the milky stone, by the way!


Pave Flower Statement Necklace

Pave Flower Statement Necklace Price: $158.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Looking for something slightly different and a tad more romantic? Take a look at this shiny one then! My list of 8 perfect bridal necklaces wouldn’t be complete without a girly, romantic design such as this one, so if this one is more of your style, I’d say - Go for it, girl!


Nadri Crystal Bezel Necklace

Nadri Crystal Bezel Necklace Price: $98.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
Not all girls like pearls, I know, so in case you loved the general idea behind the suggestion #3 but really hated those, here’s a very similar Nadri design for you to consider. 18k gold plating, crystals and the fact that you can choose between not one or two but four colors – now isn’t that something? I love it!


Alexis Bittar Teardrop Pendant Necklace

Alexis Bittar Teardrop Pendant Necklace Price: $175.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
The last on my list of perfect bridal necklaces is this sweet, low-key Alexis Bittar creation that will certainly add uniqueness to your semi-formal or beach-wedding bridal outfit. Wear it with the matching earrings or combine some of the fabulous Alexis Bittar Swarovski embellished handcrafted pieces for an even better look.

So, ladies, can I get your two cents on these or bridal jewelry in general? I really think this type of “bling” plays an important role and that every bride should be very careful when choosing her wedding jewelry.

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