8 Vintage-Inspired Pieces of Jewellery ...

Vintage-Inspired Jewellery is just one way to work the vintage trend. ‘Vintage’ seems to be a buzz word at the moment, and it’s as prevalent as ever in the fashion industry. While we can’t all get our hands on true vintage pieces, vintage-inspired is the next best thing. From clothing to vintage-inspired jewellery, you’ll notice that a range of chain stores now carry vintage-inspired pieces. Take a look at the following pieces of vintage-inspired jewellery.

1. Topshop Deco Mixed Metal Torque Necklace

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Price: $28.00 at us.topshop.com
This collar necklace is design in the classic Art Deco style. It features mixed metal panels with a fan design at the drop. It’s designed to sit flush against the collarbone and has a clasp fastening at the back. Wear it with a black wrap dress for a chick evening look.

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