7 Pieces of Jewelry with a Beach Theme ...


For a tropical island wedding, to accessorize your swimsuit or just for fun, there are sooo many items of jewelry with a beach theme.

From head to toe, you can adorn yourself with items redolent of long days in the sun in a gorgeous location.

Here’s just a few samples of jewelry with a beach theme to get you salivating.

1. Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Sandals

Aren’t these gorgeous?

If you’re looking for a jewelry with a beach theme for a wedding, is there anything more appropriate?

Adorn your feet with a simple strand of pearls, shells, beads and accents with a beachy theme..

I found this style on eBay but just search the internet because there are tons of beautiful barefoot sandals in a range of sizes and colors.2

With everything from ivory to purple, they will match an accent color for a beach wedding or just look great with your new swimsuit.

Starfish Earrings
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