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Would you love to know some creative ideas for jewelry storage? As I have developed more of a passion for jewelry, I realized I needed more ways to store my jewelry. These are some ideas for jewelry storage you can use. You can mix and match them to fit the needs of your jewelry collection.

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Use Ice Cube Trays

Use Ice Cube Trays While most of our refrigerators do have ice makers, you can still buy ice cube trays. They are usually easily found at dollar stores. Ice cube trays are one of the great ideas for jewelry storage that you can use. Place the ice cube trays in a drawer and use them to store your earrings and rings in. You can also store pins and toe rings in them.


Try a Stand up Paper Towel Holder

Try a Stand up Paper Towel Holder A stand up paper towel holder is a great idea for storing your bracelets. You can store quite a few of them this way. It is also a very visual way to store them. You can look and see exactly where the bracelet is that you want to wear rather than some other types of storage. Like many of these other ideas for jewelry storage, it’s also a cute way to display your jewelry.


Use Teacups

Use Teacups Teacups are a beautiful way to display and store your jewelry. You can hang your earrings around the rim of the cup. You can also store jewelry on the inside of the cup. This is a very dainty way to store your jewelry. Teacups don’t hold a lot of jewelry so you may want to store the jewelry you use most often this way and store the rest another way. You can also use other pretty dishes to store your jewelry.


Use a Bath Towel Rack

Use a Bath Towel Rack A bath towel rack is a way to store a lot of your jewelry. It works best for necklaces, bracelets and anklets that unfasten. You can see exactly what you want and remove it quickly. You can hang this anywhere but many people choose to hang a towel rack that they use for jewelry storage in their closet. You can choose your outfit and jewelry within steps of one another.


Wine Bottles Can Be Repurposed

Wine Bottles Can Be Repurposed Wine bottles can be used to store jewelry in much the same way that you use a stand up paper towel holder. Use it to store your bracelets on. But you don’t have to use old wine bottles the way they are. There are a lot of ways to decorate wine bottles. You can spray paint them or dip them in glitter.


Make a do It Yourself Jewelry Rack

Make a do It Yourself Jewelry Rack This is a bit hard to describe but a quick search on Google or Pinterest will reveal exactly what I am telling you about. You can make a jewelry rack with some wood and antique or glass door knobs. This provides a way to store your necklaces and bracelets. This is a very pretty way to store your jewelry. You can make this sort of jewelry rack or buy one already made.


Make a Jewelry Frame

Make a Jewelry Frame A jewelry frame is a way to store your jewelry that is pretty enough that you will want to put it somewhere it can be seen. Basically, it is a frame with corkboard covered with fabric. You can use thumbtacks, ribbons or even chicken wire over the back along with or in place of the corkboard. You can go a lot of different directions with this idea. You can use any size frame and paint or decorate it any way you wish.

These are some beautiful ways that you can store jewelry. What are some creative ways that you store yours? Share your ideas with me!

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I will definitely try the STAND UP PAPER TOWEL HOLDER and BATH TOWEL RACK!! Great ideas ... Thanks !

If you can - string your necklaces through a drinking straw to stop them getting tangled in the first place! Cute ideas

I love the frame idea! So unique!

I really need to use some of these ideas, my dad made me a wooden jewellery box but everything's always a mess, and the necklaces always tangled 😕

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