8 Gorgeous Tiffany Cuff Links ...


I was preppy from the first. When other little girls were planning their weddings to firefighters or astronauts, I wanted to snag a man on Wall Street, someone who wore button-down shirts and carried a briefcase. Nowadays, not much has changed, which means I love giving cuff links as gifts. And my favorite place to window shop for them is the same place I love to shop for m own jewelry… here are 8 gorgeous cuff links from Tiffany.

1. Tiffany Keys Cuff Links

Tiffany Keys Cuff Links

Price: $225.00 at tiffany.com

These sterling silver cuff links are shaped like vintage keys, the ones that opened the key in his grandfather’s desk drawer that held the butterscotch candies he loved when he was a boy. These would be a thoughtful way to remind the man in your life to dote on his grandchildren more, by carrying on his grandfather’s butterscotch legacy.

Tiffany Moderne Cuff Links
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