9 Beautiful Tiffany Charms ...


What girl doesn’t dream of getting a small blue box with a white ribbon on her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day… or any day? Almost the moment we’re born, we recognize the classic blue box from Tiffany, and yearn for the glittery goodies inside. A few years ago, I started a charm bracelet for myself, and now everyone knows which charms are my favorites — Tiffany, of course! Take a quick peek at this list, and you’ll see why. Here are 9 beautiful Tiffany charms.

1. Love Charm

Love Charm

Price: $925.00 at tiffany.com

This beautiful charm, made in rose and white gold, glitters with brilliant round-cut diamonds, with a delightful, obvious message. It would be ideal for hanging on a charm bracelet, but would also be gorgeous on a necklace.

Tiffany Locks Vintage Charm
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