7 Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry by Wendy Mink ...


7 Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry by Wendy Mink ...
7 Beautiful Pieces of Jewelry by Wendy Mink ...

I adore unusual jewelry, especially rings, earrings, and necklaces. And bracelets! And once I find a designer whose pieces I love, I can’t seem to get enough. I recently discovered Wendy Mink, whose unusual pieces are available at Anthropologie, and I want them all! Here are 7 beautiful pieces of jewelry by Wendy Mink…

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Wendy Mink Arts & Couture Earrings

Wendy Mink Arts & Couture Earrings Price: $48.00 at anthropologie.com
Choose from white, navy, or red, all three sets of earrings celebrate the handicrafts of needlepoint, embroidery, and beading that made women “accomplished” centuries ago, updated with modern designs. The red would be gorgeous with a pair of tweedy brown trousers and a matching vest…


Wendy Mink Eclipse Hoops

Wendy Mink Eclipse Hoops Price: $148.00 at anthropologie.com
Gleaming faceted orbs of apatite and blue calcite circle round the hammered 14-karat gold sun, spinning forever in their orbits, eclipsed by no other earrings in your collection. They measure almost three inches long, and would look stunning with your best LBD or something in denim.


Wendy Mink Middlelands Necklace

Wendy Mink Middlelands Necklace Price: $298.00 at anthropologie.com
Inspired by the colors, fabrics, and materials of Africa, this sizeable necklace features a double strand of ivory-colored beads strewn between colorful glass, finished with fabric ends and a shepherd’s hook clasp. Wear it as a statement with your favorite chinos and a cropped blazer.


Wendy Mink Gothic Revival Earrings

Wendy Mink Gothic Revival Earrings Price: $158.00 at anthropologie.com
Sumptuous silk tassels dangle beneath rich cream-colored freshwater pearls, adding opulence to even the most every-day office wear. They’re a shoulder-skimming three inches long, and are hand-made, so no two pairs are identical, though all are beautiful.


Wendy Mink Iced Rain Necklace

Wendy Mink Iced Rain Necklace Price: $78.00 at anthropologie.com
Flat peach-colored discs give way to the palest of blue tear-drops, like the sunset during an summer drizzle, all suspended on a glittering gold-tone chain. The discs and drops are made of translucent Lucite, and the chain closes with a lobster-claw clasp. There are matching earrings, too.


Wendy Mink Tears of Midas Earrings

Wendy Mink Tears of Midas Earrings Price: $128.00 at anthropologie.com
Does Midas regret his remarkable talent, given to him, reflecting his greed? If so, perhaps these earrings can serve as a reminder to never want beyond our means. They feature one perfectly round golden orb suspended from hammered 14-karat gold plated tear-drops and matching lapis and apatite beads.


Wendy Mink Orb D’Oro Earrings

Wendy Mink Orb D’Oro Earrings Price: $32.00 at anthropologie.com
Never mind the rest of the treasures hidden at Cibola… these earrings are more than enough to recall your trip to the long-lost city of gold. They’re made of gleaming 14-karat plated metal, and are made to dangle and swing, catching the light with every turn of your head.

With such artistry and style in each of these pieces, it’s no wonder I’ve come to adore Wendy mink’s jewelry designs. I especially love those Eclipse Hoops, and they’re currently at the top of my must-have list… which of these pieces do you like best, and what would you wear them with?

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