8 Memorable Necklaces ...

While I don’t wear any myself, I do enjoy window-shopping statement necklaces. Whether they feature bright metals or eye-catching embellishments, many of the most memorable necklaces can be compared to works of art. Not all of these necklaces may be pleasing to the eye – they may just as easily be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Either way, take a look at a few memorable necklaces below.

1. Marni Paillette-Embellished Bib Necklace

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Price: $420.00 at net-a-porter.com
This bib-style necklace is made partly from recycled plastic paillettes. The multicoloured paillettes are secured to a wool felt bib necklace and self-tie ribbon. It’s an ingenious way of working recycled materials into a high-fashion design. However, I’d be keeping my eye out for any DIY versions and tutorials.

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