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7 Gorgeous Pieces from the Tiffany Locks Collection ...

By Jennifer

If you adore the Tiffany Locks collection as much as I do, you may be wondering how to choose which one to add to your collection next. There are so many to choose from, and they’re all beautiful! I’ve made a list, and checked it twice (more than twice, actually), and here are 7 gorgeous pieces from the Tiffany Locks collection. If you’re looking to add one, start here!

Table of contents:

  1. Tiffany locks heart lock pendant
  2. Tiffany locks arc lock bracelet
  3. Tiffany locks vintage lock pendant
  4. Tiffany locks emblem lock
  5. Tiffany locks heart lock pendant
  6. Tiffany locks heart lock
  7. Tiffany locks vintage round lock

1 Tiffany Locks Heart Lock Pendant

Price: $3,500.00 at
How gorgeous and glittery! This pendant features the classic Tiffany heart shape, with a key-hole in the center and an arc at the top. It’s made of platinum, and is covered in brilliant round-cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.30, suspended on a delicate 16-inch chain.

2 Tiffany Locks Arc Lock Bracelet

Price: $1,650.00 at
Though the lock and bracelet can be sold separately, why should they not come together? They fit so well… the arc lock opens and closes, affixed to a chunky 18-karat yellow gold round-link bracelet. Choose from three bracelet lengths: 6¾ inches, 7½ inches, or 8 inches.

3 Tiffany Locks Vintage Lock Pendant

Price: $350.00 at
This Tiffany Lock is most certainly inspired by their vintage designs, made of subtly hammered sterling silver with an 18-karat rose-colored gold lock plate. It features an arc at the top and can be purchased with a sterling silver ball chain. How pretty!

4 Tiffany Locks Emblem Lock

Price: $1,450.00 at
This gorgeous lock is made of 18-karat rose-colored gold, stamped with the Tiffany and Co. signature, with a key hole cut-out and an arc at the top. It features a bright round-cut diamond in each corner, and would look so pretty on a charm bracelet, or a necklace!

5 Tiffany Locks Heart Lock Pendant

Price: $300.00 at
Wouldn’t this make a wonderful graduation gift? It’s a tin 18-karat yellow gold heart, rounded and sweet, with a key hole cut-out in the middle and an arc at the top. It hangs from a matching 16-inch chain, included in the price. How sweet!

6 Tiffany Locks Heart Lock

Price: $1,550.00 at
This sturdy little heart-shaped lock works, opening and closing on the arc at the top. It’s made of bright 18-karat yellow gold and is stamped on the front with the classic Tiffany & Co. signature, and the city of origin, New York, underneath. Add it to a charm bracelet, or as a zipper-pull on a favorite handbag.

7 Tiffany Locks Vintage round Lock

Price: $325.00 at
It doesn’t get any more simple or elegant than this! It’s a small, round lock, made of shiny sterling silver with an 18-karat rose gold lock plate. The lock is engraved at the bottom with the Tiffany & Co. signature, and the arc at the top completes the lock-look. Hang it from a silver chain, or from a charm bracelet. It’s so simple and pretty!

These are just a few of the — literally — dozens of gorgeous pieces in the Tiffany Locks collection. I adore the heart-shaped ones, especially in the rose gold! Which of these Tiffany Locks do you like best, and why?

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