Adorable Pieces of Animal-Inspired Jewellery for Your Collection ...

By Holly

Adorable Pieces of Animal-Inspired Jewellery for Your Collection ...

These adorable pieces of animal inspired jewellery need a place in your jewellery collection! They are so sweet, and there is a piece for every occasion. Whether you prefer necklaces, earrings, rings, watches or all of the above, there is something here for every animal lover. Maybe you’ll find your next favourite accessory with these sweet pieces of animal inspired jewellery.

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1 Pheasant Ear Cuff

Pheasant Ear Cuff Every girl who loves anything boho chic will appreciate this amazing ear cuff. This piece of animal inspired jewellery would look great with a wide-brimmed hat, singlet and maxi skirt at your favourite music festival. This pheasant feather ear cuff was designed by Anni Jürgenson and can be found on Rave Ready for just $29.99.

2 Bunny Ears Ring

Bunny Ears Ring This ring is oh so versatile - use it on its own or with a bunch of cute silver stacking rings! There are so many different colour options for this ring, so the possibilities real are endless. You can find these adorable bunny ears (and so many more stunning pieces of jewellery to spice up your life!) on Etsy by looking for TheRogueAndTheWolf.

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3 Kitten Studs

Kitten Studs Um, who doesn’t want to wear adorable little kittens on their ears!? These teeny studs are made with pictures covered with glass-like resin, so they’re sturdy and delicate. While you’re checking out these studs at fazjewelry on Etsy, have a look at the rest of her shop for many more sweet earrings!

4 Parrot Pendant

Parrot Pendant This eye-catching necklace would look phenomenal with a simple black shirt! The colours are so vivid on this shrink plastic pendant, and because it’s hand made, you’ll know that each one is unique. What could be better? Find this lovely pendant on Dotoly, the animal-themed gift store!

5 Elephant Bangle

Elephant Bangle I can’t even tell you how much I love this bangle! It is chunky yet delicate, and would look incredible with pretty much any single outfit you could imagine. This bangle is meant to represent family, so it would also make a lovely gift for a sister, girlfriend or cousin. Find it on Dotoly!

6 Cat Necklace

Cat Necklace This is just the cutest thing! This crazy necklace is an absolute must-have for any cat lover. This is a resin necklace on a delicate silver chain, and would look totally adorable with a pastel-coloured shirt. And the best thing? It’s very reasonably priced at $15.50! Find it on Dotoly.

7 Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Earrings These absolutely beautiful earrings will instantly add flair to any outfit. The blues and greens are stunning, and will compliment any hair colour or skin tone. These are designed by Jesse Walker and you can find these earrings on The best thing is that they won’t break your bank at $22! Hooray!

8 Hummingbird Watch

Hummingbird Watch Olivia Burton is a mastermind - just check out this amazing hummingbird watch! The beautiful picture on the watch face is complemented by the simple leather band and beautiful copper-coloured hands. You can find this watch on

9 Snake Necklace

Snake Necklace If you’re looking for a classy statement necklace, this is definitely the one. This thin snake cuff necklace would look phenomenal with a floor-length gown or an LBD! Unfortunately this necklace will set you back quite a bit of money, but it’s definitely something to save up for! Find it on

So which ones do you have your eye on? I want all of them! Animal-themed jewellery can be so sweet and add a really cute element to absolutely any outfit. Do you have any jewellery that is animal-themed? What is it?

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Looove the cat necklace!

Trying to log on but can't see the product only see the Kids clothing help

I have a bronze necklace with a bronze owl pendant . It's cute..i really live it !

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