7 Designer Jewelry Pieces That Are Too Beautiful to Ignore ...


Sometimes fantasising about truly beautiful designer jewelry pieces is a great way to waste half an hour. To me, it seems as though my favorite designers produce pieces that get more and more elaborate as time goes on. This season, designer jewelry pieces are more flamboyant than ever. Here are seven I think are too beautiful to ignore.

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Oscar De La Renta Flower Bib Necklace

Oscar De La Renta Flower Bib Necklace This collar necklace from Oscar de la Renta is one of my favorite designer jewelry pieces because it combines an old style with an on-trend design just effortlessly. It is made from golden pewter and brass, plus lots of Swarovski crystals for a little glam. Each of the teeny tiny daisies links together to cover your décolletage. It certainly isn’t an ‘everyday’ piece, but it is brilliantly beautiful nonetheless.


Ted Muehling Black Onyx Acorn Earrings

Ted Muehling Black Onyx Acorn Earrings Onyx was quite the hit during the Victorian ages, and now it is making a lovely little comeback. Usually, it features on rings. However, I think Ted Muehling has done quite a good job of incorporating it into earrings here. I am a ‘no fuss’ sort of woman when it comes to earrings, so the simplicity of these seriously appeals to me!


Alexander McQueen 3D Skull Bangle

Alexander McQueen 3D Skull Bangle This skull bangle from Alexander McQueen comes in a thinner format too. I know skulls aren’t usually considered to be ‘pretty.’ However, I think Alexander McQueen is seizing on them quite well this year and incorporating them into designs brilliantly. This bangle is edgy and beautiful, which means you don’t need to compromise between two design formats.


Giles & Brother Pave Railroad Spike Ring

Giles & Brother Pave Railroad Spike Ring There’s something about brass that designers seem to be loving lately, as this isn’t the first designer ring I have come across made from the metal. Seriously, I think I prefer brass to gold. With the exception of white gold, of course. It has a more ‘worn’ feel, which I know isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but to me that gives jewelry character. This spike ring from Giles & Brother comes with LOTS of character, which makes me really wish I could own it!


Lanvin Crystal Flower Brooch

Lanvin Crystal Flower Brooch No matter how boring your lapel is, this Lanvin Crystal flower brooch will give it a new lease of life. Thanks to the blend of black and glam, it is both conservative and daring. You don’t have to stop at adding it to a lapel either. I think this brooch would look fantastic on any headband you want to glamorize!


Armenta Heraldica Enhancer

Armenta Heraldica Enhancer You know when jewelry is so captivating it looks like it might have magical properties? Well that’s how I feel when I look at this necklace. It must be the stone in the middle. Magical properties or not, I reckon it is just about pretty enough to justify the price tag!


Monica Rich Kosann Genie in a Bottle Pendant

Monica Rich Kosann Genie in a Bottle Pendant Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an actual genie in a bottle? I’d use my three wishes wisely. Sort of. Anyway, this is probably as close as any of us are going to get. It’s cute, right?

Obviously there are lots of designer jewelry pieces out there that we can all ‘Ooooo’ and ‘Ahhh’ over. However, these are my favorites. I am a massive fan of Oscar de la Renta in general, so do be sure to check out other pieces from the range! If you love a particular designer jewelry piece this year, what is it?

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Wouldn't want to own or wear ANY Of these pieces!

7 is my fav it's beautiful

Be great to go to the jewelry box and have all theses pieces from which to choose.

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