10 Dramatic Druzy Stones to Wear This Season ...

Genuine stones and organic materials unearth this natural gem jewelry trend in the shape of dramatic druzy stones for fall. If you aren’t sure, Druzy is the fine crystal coating found on rock-like surfaces like agate and the rock, sugar candy that can seen forming on gemstones and minerals to create a raw and exposed finish on semi-precious stones. The naturally occurring facets and unrefined edge of druzy stones offer brilliant sparkle and shine that will radiate throughout the fall. Power up with these 10 dramatic druzy stones to wear this season.

1. Druzy Stone Drop Earrings

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Add drama and striking colour to your lobes this season with a pair of druzy stone drop earrings. Natural minerals in vivid shades offer an organic way to incorporate bold colour into your jewelry collection for fall. Druzy stones with rough, unrefined edges provide an earthy, exposed look to a classic and elegant earring silhouette.

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