10 Dramatic Druzy Stones to Wear This Season ...


10 Dramatic Druzy Stones to Wear This Season ...
10 Dramatic Druzy Stones to Wear This Season ...

Genuine stones and organic materials unearth this natural gem jewelry trend in the shape of dramatic druzy stones for fall. If you aren’t sure, Druzy is the fine crystal coating found on rock-like surfaces like agate and the rock, sugar candy that can seen forming on gemstones and minerals to create a raw and exposed finish on semi-precious stones. The naturally occurring facets and unrefined edge of druzy stones offer brilliant sparkle and shine that will radiate throughout the fall. Power up with these 10 dramatic druzy stones to wear this season.

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Druzy Stone Drop Earrings

Druzy Stone Drop Earrings Add drama and striking colour to your lobes this season with a pair of druzy stone drop earrings. Natural minerals in vivid shades offer an organic way to incorporate bold colour into your jewelry collection for fall. Druzy stones with rough, unrefined edges provide an earthy, exposed look to a classic and elegant earring silhouette.


Druzy Stone Collar Necklace

Druzy Stone Collar Necklace Get your rocks off with a cool and edgy collar necklace with accented druzy stones in a rich jewel tone fit for fall. An avant-garde collar necklace has high-fashion style for those who are daring with the latest jewelry trends. Pair a collared necklace with tailored duds for a sleek and gritty look for fall.


Druzy Three Stone Ring

Druzy Three Stone Ring Sparkle and shine this season with dramatic druzy. The superior sparkle of natural druzy stones is enhanced when set against shimmering rhinestones or clear crystals. For high-impact shine choose a statement ring with multiple stones and varying gems to radiate light reflecting sparkle.


Druzy Stone Chain Necklace

Druzy Stone Chain Necklace Neutral tones and raw minerals are exquisite elements that add to this earthy trend. When set against burnished metallics like gold and silver, druzy stones standout and make for an eye-catching statement that shimmers in the light. Hues in earthy tones are a subdued, natural way to incorporate unrefined gems into your look this season.


Druzy Stone Bib Necklace

Druzy Stone Bib Necklace Saturated vivid colour creates a richly opulent look when set against lustrous metallics and gilded accents. A bib necklace offers a super trendy and contemporary chic way to wear druzy stones for fall and is one of the lust-worthy necklace silhouettes of the season. Refined gems like crystals and faceted jewels offer druzy stones added visual interest and elegant sophistication.


Druzy Stone Cuff Bracelet

Druzy Stone Cuff Bracelet Large, in-your-face druzy stones make a serious style statement when on minimal lined cuff bracelets. The sleek clean lines of a thin cuff bracelet allow the druzy stones to do all the talking when it comes to attention-grabbing detail. Pair with your favourite dark wash denim to elevate your off-duty style perfect for weekend wear this season.


Druzy Stone Statement Earrings

Druzy Stone Statement Earrings Dangly drop earrings are statements in themselves with their supersized stones and eye-catching colour combo’s. Druzy stone earrings offer much of the same statement making style but with a raw unrefined edge most earrings don’t have. When druzy stones are paired with lavish jewels like pearls and diamonds the result is opulent yet very modern and cool.


Druzy Stone Cocktail Ring

Druzy Stone Cocktail Ring A bold cocktail ring is the perfect option for wearing large statement stones if you are not big on accessories. As you naturally move your hands, eyes will automatically draw into you making you center of attention and a natural standout in a crowd. Cool tones are the perfect colours for fall but are also easily transitional into the warmer months.


Druzy Stone Bangle Bracelet

Druzy Stone Bangle Bracelet Bangles are a chic way to add a multitude of accessories in a small area in one simple shot. The cluster of druzy stones on small, single bracelets creates a geometric vibe and adds visual interest with unique and interesting shapes. The minimalist simplicity of bangle bracelets can take you effortlessly from daywear suitable for work, to evening for a night out on the town.


Druzy Stone Chunky Bracelet

Druzy Stone Chunky Bracelet For extra drama, add a chunky bangle bracelet into your jewelry collection for fall with contrasting colours. A black bracelet set with different colour stones and metallic detail will play into the baroque and renaissance trend this season for over the top decadence and grandeur. Pair a similar bracelet with luxe fabrics like silk or velvet for high opulent polish.

To get your rocks off whatever your style, druzy comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours for a bold and dramatic way to wear raw stones. A real gem this season, the dramatic druzy trend has an assortment of edgy necklaces, cool earrings and statement pieces beginning to form for fall. So when nature calls this season, be sure to answer with exposed rocks and solid gems. Will you be answering this call of the season with dramatic druzy stones?

Top Image Source: fashiongonerogue.com

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