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7 Gorgeous Glittery Kate Spade Rings ...

By Jennifer

I adore Kate Spade shoes and handbags and recently spotted my first-ever truly must-have Kate Spade ring. It was glittery, gorgeous, made for wearing all summer long! I just had to see what other gorgeous glittery Kate Spade rings were available, so I started scouring my favorite online shops, and here’s a sampling of what I’ve found! Warning: some of these Kate Spade rings are so brilliant, you might want to wear your sunglasses!

Table of contents:

  1. Kate spade year of color may ring
  2. Kate spade first blush ring
  3. Kate spade lady marmalade tapered ring
  4. Kate spade putting on the ritz ring
  5. Kate spade crystal confection ring
  6. Kate spade all wrapped up bow ring
  7. Kate spade crystal spade ring

1 Kate Spade Year of Color May Ring

Price: $78.00 at
Perhaps I’m partial to this ring because I was born in May. Or perhaps it’s because coral is my favorite color this season. Whatever the reason, this gorgeous, glittery Kate Spade ring tops my must-have list. I love the contrast between the orange faceted glass and the 12-karat gold plated metal.

2 Kate Spade First Blush Ring

Price: $148.00 at
What an amazing cocktail ring! Wouldn’t this look stunning with an LBD and heels, without any further embellishment? It catches the light, and the eye, so magnificently! And it comes in three common sizes, so you’re sure to get a perfect fit.

3 Kate Spade Lady Marmalade Tapered Ring

Price: $148.00 at
Who says dome rings have gone the way of disco balls? This gorgeous Kate Spade ring proves otherwise, and how. It’s covered in glittery crystals, and would be perfect with skinny jeans, wedges, and a sheer tunic for a night out with the girls.

4 Kate Spade Putting on the Ritz Ring

Price: $125.00 at
Another marvelous cocktail ring! I love this one because it’s so luxe, and, well, ritzy, all glimmer and shine. I even love the little bow-bedecked box it comes in… perfect for giving one as a gift, and keeping one for yourself! It’s so versatile… you can wear it with almost anything.

5 Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring

Price: $73.00 at
One simple, round, faceted glass stone in the center, ideal for adding to a decidedly Boho outfit, long skirt and lacy peasant top. I love the orange-sherbet color, and the simple, stark elegance. And the price is right, too!

6 Kate Spade All Wrapped up Bow Ring

Price: $75.00 at
Also in gold-tone, this sweet little silver bow looks like a real grosgrain ribbon, tied around your finger as a reminder, or simply as a way to tie an outfit together. I love the texture, and the soft, feminine shape. It’s so pretty… and it also comes in a tinier version, too!

7 Kate Spade Crystal Spade Ring

Price: $55.00 at
I feel silly, but I admit that it took me a moment to understand the connection between this gorgeous, glittery ring and the Kate Spade name. Isn’t it pretty, though? I’d wear this for good luck at the casino. Wear something slinky with your best red lippie and bring some good luck to your table!

See what I mean? Aren’t all of these Kate Spade rings amazing? I especially adore the Year of Color series… you really need to check them out… that’s what got my attention in the first place! Which of these gorgeous, glittery Kate Spade rings do you like best? Please share!

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