7 Jewelry Basics Every Woman Should Own ...

I’m a firm believer that jewelry is an investment, which is a great justification for adding to your collection, right? If you’re just starting your collection, though, or are looking to expand or update, there are a few basics you ought to add first. Like what, you may ask? Here are 7 of the jewelry basics every woman should own, with specific mind-blowing suggestions from my fave jeweler, Tiffany!

1. Tennis Bracelet

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Tiffany Jazz Bracelet

Price: $16,000 at tiffany.com
I firmly believe that every woman should own a staggeringly gorgeous, glittery tennis bracelet, even if she doesn’t actually play tennis. They’re the idea accessory for every ensemble, from a little black dress to a wedding dress, and everything in between. This one by Tiffany boasts carats of round-cut diamonds set in platinum, and certainly has the “gorgeous” and “glittery” covered.

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