7 Pretty Pieces of Monogram Jewelry ...

Since I was a little girl, I loved collecting unusual jewelry with my initial on it, from charms to earrings to pendants and more. Now I’ve matured a little beyond the “J” string friendship bracelet (not really), into more sophisticated, grown-up girl monogram jewelry. It’s not like my initial (or name) is so unique, but I just like how monogram jewelry looks… here are 7 pretty pieces of monogram jewelry from Tiffany to help prove my point...

1. Tiffany Alphabet Heart Tag Bracelet

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Price: $230.00 at tiffany.com
How pretty! This open round-link bracelet has one single charm, heart-shaped and stamped with your initial. The bracelet (which measures 7½ inches long) and medium-sized charm are both made of bright sterling silver. It’s an exclusive to the Tiffany website, so you won’t find it in stores.

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