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7 Science-Nerd Jewelry Pieces by Chemical X ...

By Jennifer

Long before it was cool, I was a nerd, obsessed with collecting rocks and crystals and intent on examining all sorts of plants and animals. I loved watching the X-Files and subscribed to National Geographic… and not much has changed. Only now, being a nerd is hip, trendy, and totally socially acceptable… yay for me! I can even express my nerdiness with cool jewelry, my favorite pieces by Chemical X. If you’re a science nerd girl, like me, keep reading, sister! Here are some great science-nerd jewelry pieces by Chemical X.

1 Dinosaur Earring Set

Dinosaur Earring SetPrice: $14.00 at
We nerdy girls are true iconoclasts, so who says we have to match exactly? These earrings are a perfect example, composed of three small (but very detailed) dinosaurs, one each of a mighty fearsome T Rex, a Triceratops, and a Brachiosaurus. Wear them in any combination you like, and change it up as you see fit, Miss Dino expert! These science-nerd jewelry pieces by Chemical X are a great way to show your individuality!

2 Capacitor Bracelet - Black

Capacitor Bracelet - BlackPrice: $18.00 at
I love this bracelet! It’s a must-have for the techies among us nerdy types. It features a set of capacitors in sleek, chic black dangling from a 7” charm bracelet. And guess what? There are even matching earrings in black or fuchsia too!

3 Dinosaur Bracelet

Dinosaur BraceletPrice: $18.00 at
If you loved the dinosaur earring trio, this 7-inch silver-tone bracelet with a lobster-claw clasp is just the thing for you. There are four delicately detailed dinos hanging from the chain, one each Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, T Rex, and Pterodactyl. And ha! I named them all without even peeking! I’m such a nerd! Of course, with a science-nerd jewelry piece by Chemical X like this, you can be one, too!

4 'the Original Vegetarian' Dinosaur Necklace

'the Original Vegetarian' Dinosaur NecklacePrice: $12.00 at
The mark of a true science nerd is an obsession with dinosaurs… check! Love them! And one of my faves is the Brachiosaurus, a gentle giant, a leaf-eater, perhaps the original vegetarian. On this adorable science-nerd jewelry piece by Chemical X, he hangs sweetly from an 18-inch silver-tone chain with a green plastic leaf to remind us of his dietary preferences.

5 Hardware Earrings

Hardware EarringsPrice: $12.00 at
To the untrained non-nerdy eye, these dangly earrings look like a pure fashion piece. However, we know the truth, which we learned when we attempted to construct a robot out of the loose pieces we found in the garage — these are washers, right from the hardware store. They’re still delightful, and utterly chic, a testament to just how cool and stylish we science nerds are!

6 Galaxy Wars Necklace

Galaxy Wars NecklacePrice: $14.00 at
We true science geeks also loved watching “Star Wars” and spent hours building with LEGO blocks… so this necklace is a dream come true! It features a genuine LEGO light saber, in either red (the Dark Side) or blue (good guys!), hanging from a 24-inch ball chain. May the Force be with you!

7 Galaxy Wars Necklace - Glow-in-the-Dark Edition

Galaxy Wars Necklace - Glow-in-the-Dark EditionPrice: $14.00 at
Why are we science nerds so fascinated with glow-in-the-dark stuff? For example, as cool as I think those LEGO Galaxy War necklaces are, this one’s even cooler, in glow-in-the-dark green! It hangs from a 24-inch silver-tone ball chain, giving you galactic levels of coolness.

Let’s celebrate our science nerdiness, girls! Let’s be proud of our techie hobbies and our obsession with dinosaurs! Which of these science-nerd jewelry pieces by Chemical X best defines you nerd passion? Please share!

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