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7 Natural Stone Accessories ...

By Jennifer

Of all the new summer jewelry trends, perhaps the one I like the best is the popularity of natural stone accessories. All of my favorite shops and boutique brands boast necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more, all studded with natural stones in all sorts of colors and textures, helping me rock (sorry, pun intended) all of my summer outfits. Here are 7 natural stone accessories, to show you what I mean.

Table of contents:

  1. Candelabra earrings
  2. Sliced stone earrings
  3. Stonetree necklace
  4. Golden renaissance necklace
  5. Midnight leaf ring
  6. Rolling gems ring
  7. Colorado carved bracelet

1 Candelabra Earrings

Price: $128.00 at
You’ve already decided you’re wearing your lace-trimmed LBD to your best friend’s wedding, and you’ll wear your hair up, of course… for what better way to show off these gorgeous natural stone earrings? They follow the traditional candelabra shape, but with the added allure of natural amethyst, labradorite, and quartz.

2 Sliced Stone Earrings

Price: $168.00 at
Perhaps you love the look of natural stone accessories, but the candelabra earrings are a little much, a little too fancy. These simple but elegant earrings are quite an alternative, still bold, but not as showy. Each features a thin cross-section of gorgeous natural agate. How lovely!

3 Stonetree Necklace

Price: $28.00 at
Celebrate your love of nature with this necklace, made with a cross-section of petrified wood dipped in gold (for accents). It’s ideal for layering or just wearing alone. It measures 40 inches long and fastens with a lobster-claw clasp.

4 Golden Renaissance Necklace

Price: $298.00 at
This funky, chunky necklace is hand-made in Spain, designed by Anton Heunis. Each features glittering Swarovski crystals, glass, and natural agates. It’s a complete statement necklace, made to be worn with almost anything in your closet.

5 Midnight Leaf Ring

Price: $538.00 at
This isn’t your grandmother’s cocktail ring! It’s designed by eco-conscious California artisan Melissa Joy Manning of recycled 14 karat yellow gold with a gorgeous deep green uvarovite. Each one is unique, and so eye-catching!

6 Rolling Gems Ring

Price: $98.00 at
This gorgeous ring by Cleo & Cat may be my new favorite natural stone accessory. It features three smooth stones in a rainbow of colors, colors you wouldn’t think would go well together, but somehow they do. The stones are set in a band of 24-karat gold-plated brass.

7 Colorado Carved Bracelet

Price: $38.00 at

I included this bracelet because I love it, and also because it’s so affordable! What a marvelous way to add natural stone to your jewelry collection without spending a mint! The colors are reminiscent of the American Southwest, all jade and pyrite and glass beads.

Now that you’ve seen all of these gorgeous natural stone accessories, is it any wonder they’re so wildly popular this summer? I especially love that bracelet, and the green ring. Which of these natural stone accessories do you like best? And how would you rock it?

Top Photo Credit: IrenkaJewelry

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