9 Perfect Designer Stud Earrings ...

Finding a perfect pair of designer stud earrings is often harder than it seems, mostly because there are some many of them out there, all of them too gorgeous to look away and sometimes even too expensive to get them all. Well, I’ve managed to find not one or two but 9 pairs of cute, trendy, fashionably-delicious and totally perfect designer stud earrings so, feel free to take a peek and choose your favorites, regardless of whether you want to spend 20 bucks, 150 bucks or just have fun looking:

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs β€œZip It” Stud Earrings

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Price: $58.00 at net-a-porter.com
These interesting, unique studs are available in both silver and gold tone and, if I can be totally honest, I must admit I can’t decide which ones look better. I totally love this unusual design and I bet there is somebody out there willing to agree with me on this. I mean, look at them- a perfect combination of subtleness and unique eye-catching style.

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