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21 Pieces of Jewelry Inspired by Books ...

By Jennifer

Book lovers rejoice! There's a range of jewelry that's as bling-y as it is bookworm-y, and I've gathered a few bits of my fave literary-inspired pretties for you, right here.

1 Some Pig Necklace

Some Pig NecklacePrice: $32.00 at
If you've read Charlotte's Web (who hasn't?) you know Wilbur really is some pig.

2 The Little Prince Necklace

The Little Prince NecklacePrice: $1,150.00 at
Feel all the feels, all the time, while wearing this gorgeous gold necklace.

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3 Book Eating Boy Necklace

Book Eating Boy NecklacePrice: $180.00 at
For fans of the picture book, or anyone who also devours literature.

4 Lord of the (Ear)rings

Lord of the (Ear)ringsPrice: $49.99 at
Two Preciouses for the price of one, so you'll have TWO rings to rule them all.

5 Hermione's Time Turner Necklace

Hermione's Time Turner NecklacePrice: $49.99 at
After reading the Prisoner of Azkaban, who didn't want one of these?

6 Dobby the House-Elf Bead

Dobby the House-Elf BeadPrice: $9.99 at
Your next must-have bead for your Pandora bracelet.

7 Paper Airplane Necklace

Paper Airplane NecklacePrice: $160.00 at
The main "character" in The Great Paper Caper.

8 Thorin's Key Necklace

Thorin's Key NecklacePrice: $29.99 at
Take the key with you on all your hikes, and who knows what secret doors you'll find and open in the moonlight?

9 Not All Who Wander Are Lost Bracelet

Not All Who Wander Are Lost BraceletPrice: $38.49 at
One of my all-time favorite Tolkien quotes, and it's true.

10 Gryffindor Crest Bead

Gryffindor Crest BeadPrice: $9.99 at
If the Sorting Hat puts you in Gryffindor, then you'll be needing this Pandora charm, too.

11 Ministry of Magic Bead

Ministry of Magic BeadPrice: $9.99 at
Once you've completed your education at Hogwarts, perhaps you'll join the Ministry... time for another commemorative bead.

12 Gatsby Necklace

Gatsby NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
For you and your (hopefully not ill-fated) romantic interest.

13 Holden's Hat Necklace

Holden's Hat NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
Phoebe would approve.

14 Moby Dick Necklace

Moby Dick NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
"I love to sail." Clever.

15 Down the Rabbit Hole Necklace

Down the Rabbit Hole NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
Would you have followed the White Rabbit, or stayed firmly planted in the real world like a good girl?

16 I Am I Am I Am Necklace

I Am I Am I Am NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
If you haven't read The Bell Jar, you must.

17 Mockingbird Feathers Necklace

Mockingbird Feathers NecklacePrice: $30.00 at
One feather for Scout, one for her savior, Boo.

18 Velveteen Rabbit Necklace

Velveteen Rabbit NecklacePrice: $34.00 at
He's just as soft and squishy-looking as I imagined from the book.

19 Okay Necklace

Okay NecklacePrice: $16.99 at
Maybe "okay" will be our "always." The feels!

20 Little Prince Birthstone Necklace

Little Prince Birthstone NecklacePrice: $18.00 at
Choose your own birthstone and monogram and wear this necklace every day, always.

21 Mockingjay Pin

Mockingjay PinPrice: $4.95 at
Let President Snow know whose side you're on.

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