8 Pretty Pearl Necklaces ...

Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn knew it, and we know it still β€” there’s nothing like a string of pearls to make an outfit that much more elegant and polished. And while times, they are a-changing, that fact still remains, but of course has been updated β€” now a strand of pearls is only one lovely option. There are dozens of ways to wear pearls, and here are a few of them, courtesy of Tiffany. Here are 8 pretty pearl necklaces.

1. Tiffany Cultured Pearl Necklace

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Price: $1,300.00 at tiffany.com
This lush strand of pearls comes in two lengths, 80 inches to be worn doubled, or 96 inches, to be worn as a triple strand. Both are lush, made of 7 to 8 millimeter cultured freshwater pearls. Wear these with everything in your wardrobe, from an A-line LBD to a crisp white blouse and chinos.

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