3. Ring Metal

Along with my beautiful Moissanite gem stone I received my ring with palladium instead of white gold. Palladium is white all on its own, whereas white gold is not actually white. It receives its white appearance with the help of rhodium, which is a toxic metal that chips off and requires the ring to be dipped annually, unless you prefer the real color of white gold.

Palladium is part of the platinum family, but it’s cheaper.

Palladium is also more grey than white in comparison with platinum, but I really like my palladium band and will be purchasing our wedding bands in palladium.

Please note, I’m not affiliated with MoissaniteCo and in no way was I solicited for my opinion. I voluntarily chose to share my opinion and experience with the engagement ring from their company because it’s a beautiful gem stone that deserves recognition and is so much more affordable than a diamond. I believe that Moissanite is superior to a diamond in many ways.

Other Alternatives
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