8 Gorgeous Tiffany Celebration Rings ...


Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a child or your wedding anniversary, one marvelous way to commemorate the event would be a celebration ring, a glittering reminder of that special day. Naturally, if you’re going to be buying (or receiving) a celebration ring, or any other fine jewelry, the first place to shop would be Tiffany. They offer the most beautiful rings, and are sure to be treasured for generations to come. Here are 8 gorgeous Tiffany celebration rings.

1. Tiffany Garden Cobblestone Band Ring

Tiffany Garden Cobblestone Band Ring

Price: $9,900.00 at tiffany.com

Inspired by cobblestone garden path, this gorgeous celebration ring is circled all the way ‘round with more than 2 total carats of rose and round cut diamonds. At the top and bottom, the path is bordered by two even rows of diamonds, giving the ring a stunning definition around its careful tranquil chaos.

Tiffany Channel-Set Band Ring
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