8 Cute Juicy Couture Blings ...

Bling or blings? Guess it doesn’t make a big difference… especially when it comes to shiny cute Juicy couture blings. Plural or singular, they’re still going to shine and I’m still going to be sad due to the fact that I can’t have them all. I am, however, planning to get my Juicy fix really soon and these are some of the cute Juicy Couture blings currently on my shopping list:

1. Gold and Crystal Drop Earrings

Price: $71.79 at asos.com
Elegant with just the perfect amount of sparkle- these cute Juicy Couture blings really deserve to be mentioned first. I like them because they are not just fancy or trendy but something you can show up wearing even for elegant, black tie events like weddings, anniversaries and whatnot.