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6 Pieces from the David Yurman Chiclet Collection ...

By Jennifer

I love the distinctive look of David Yurman jewelry, especially his Chiclets collection, named for its resemblance to the iconic bubble-gum. The entire collection is irreverent and fun, but still simple and elegant — what a combination! Here are 6 pieces from the David Yurman Chiclets Collection. Enjoy!

Table of contents:

  1. David yurman sterling silver and 18k gold small chiclet collection necklace
  2. David yurman sterling silver & 18k yellow gold mosaic ring
  3. David yurman moon quartz, pavé diamond & sterling silver drop earrings
  4. David yurman sterling silver & 18k gold short necklace
  5. David yurman diamond, moon quartz & sterling silver chiclet collection 3-row bracelet
  6. David yurman pavé diamond & sterling silver mosaic ring

1 David Yurman Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Small Chiclet Collection Necklace

Price: $395.00 at
What a gorgeous piece! This pendant features three Chiclets, graduated in size, the first two shiny and sleek, and the third with a wavy texture. The middle is 18-karat yellow gold, and the other are bright sterling silver. The entire necklace, including the pendant, measures 18 inches long. How pretty!

2 David Yurman Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Mosaic Ring

Price: $525.00 at
This chunky ring features for Chiclets tiled together to make a pretty mosaic pattern, with two small gold squares and two silver. One of the silver Chiclets has the wavy cable pattern to match the bad of the ring. It’s made in the USA and measures ¾” wide and long.

3 David Yurman Moon Quartz, Pavé Diamond & Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Price: $850.00 at
Dangle earrings are very on-trend right now, including these from the David Yurman Chiclet Collection. They feature French hooks with Chiclet triplets in graduated sizes. The smallest at the top has four tiny diamonds, the middle is shiny sterling silver, and the third is set with a gorgeous, opaque moonstone cabochon.

4 David Yurman Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Short Necklace

Price: $2,650.00 at
What a beautiful statement necklace! It’s a complete circle of Chiclets in 18-karat gold and sterling silver, some sleek and shiny, others with the wavy David Yurman signature cable pattern… all of them gorgeous! The necklace measures 17 inches long and would look stunning with an LBD and glossy patent leather peep-toes.

5 David Yurman Diamond, Moon Quartz & Sterling Silver Chiclet Collection 3-Row Bracelet

Price: $3,500.00 at
This is my favorite piece in the David Yurman Chiclet Collection… it’s a stretchy bracelet with a three-row design, an instant classic. Some of the Chiclets are set with glittering pavé diamonds, others with hazy opaque moonstones, others with the wavy cable pattern, and some in plain, slick sterling silver. Together, they make for a truly stunning piece. The diamonds combine for a total carat weight of 0.81, and the bracelet overall measures 7 inches long.

6 David Yurman Pavé Diamond & Sterling Silver Mosaic Ring

Price: $925.00 at
This ring is very similar to the other in the David Yurman Chiclet Collection, only this one boasts two Chiclets plated with black rhodium and set with row after row of gleaming pavé diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.31. Like the other, it’s made in the USA of bright sterling silver.

Aren’t all of these pieces beautiful? They’re so pretty, ideal for wearing all spring and summer. I especially love that bracelet… which of these pieces from the David Yurman Chiclet Collection do you like best, and why? Please share!

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